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Add billing date in existing prog when goes through VF01

How do I add the billing date as sy-datum in my program that uses BDC to create billing documenst for the sales order in the output . I would like this to take te billing date as sy-datum. I know if if I add the billing date as todays date while generating biling documenst for multiple selections of sales order it will process and create a billing doc for it, right now which si not happening as billing date is missing. I want to add the billing date in BDC. Could I get some help please. In the below case only for p_rdos.

*&      Form  process_vf01
*       Call transaction VF01 and fill screen table with order values
FORM process_vf01.
  DATA: ln_index(2) TYPE n,
        lc_field(20) TYPE c,
        lc_fkart TYPE vbrk-fkart,
        li_lines TYPE i,
        lc_msgtxt(99) TYPE c,
        lwa_bdcoptions TYPE ctu_params,
        lwa_mess LIKE LINE OF it_bdcmess,
*        lc_date like vbrk-fkdat.
        lc_date like sy-datum.

  REFRESH: it_bdcmess.

  lwa_bdcoptions-dismode = cns_mode.
  lwa_bdcoptions-updmode = cns_upd.

  CASE 'X'.
    WHEN p_rdff.
      lc_fkart = cns_fkff.
    WHEN p_rdos.
      lc_fkart = cns_fkos.
      lc_date = sy-datum.

  DESCRIBE TABLE it_vbeln LINES li_lines.

  REFRESH: bdc_tab.
  PERFORM update_bdc USING: 'X' 'SAPMV60A'    '0102',
                            ' ' 'BDC_CURSOR'  'RV60A-FKART',
                            ' ' 'RV60A-FKART' lc_fkart,
                            ' ' 'BDC_OKCODE' '/00'.

  LOOP AT it_vbeln INTO wa_vbeln.
    ln_index = sy-tabix.

*   Up to the second delivery of the BDC add the Delivery to the screen,
*   after that click the More Documents for every entry.  logic changed for DEVK902353
*   changed again in added for every line DEVK910604
    CASE ln_index.
      WHEN 1.
        CONCATENATE 'KOMFK-VBELN' '(' ln_index ')' INTO lc_field.
        IF li_lines = 1.
          PERFORM update_bdc USING: ' ' lc_field wa_vbeln.

          PERFORM update_bdc USING: ' ' lc_field wa_vbeln,
                                    ' ' 'BDC_OKCODE' 'FKAN'.
*        IF p_rdos  <> 'X'.
        CONCATENATE 'KOMFK-VBELN' '(2)' INTO lc_field.

        PERFORM update_bdc USING: ' ' lc_field wa_vbeln,
                                  'X' 'SAPMV60A'   '0102',
                                  ' ' 'BDC_OKCODE' 'FKAN'.



* VF01 will go to a different screen if only one line selected
  IF li_lines EQ 1.
    PERFORM update_bdc USING: 'X' 'SAPMV60A' '0104',
                              ' ' 'BDC_OKCODE' '=SICH'.
    PERFORM update_bdc USING: 'X' 'SAPMV60A' '0102',
                              ' ' 'BDC_OKCODE' '=SICH'.


  CALL TRANSACTION 'VF01'  USING bdc_tab OPTIONS FROM lwa_bdcoptions
                          MESSAGES INTO it_bdcmess.

  WRITE: / 'BDC Messages:'.
  LOOP AT it_bdcmess INTO lwa_mess.

        arbgb             = 'VF'
        msgnr             = lwa_mess-msgnr
        msgv1             = lwa_mess-msgv1
        msgv2             = lwa_mess-msgv2
        msgv3             = lwa_mess-msgv3
        msgv4             = lwa_mess-msgv4
        msgtext           = lc_msgtxt
        message_not_found = 1
        OTHERS            = 2.

    WRITE: /5 lc_msgtxt.


ENDFORM.                    " process_vf01

Former Member
Former Member replied

Hi aarav,

Please follow the kartik instructions....if you still want BDC.... the error you are getting its may be becoz of date format.

declare variable like

date : lv_fkdat type sy-datum.

     write sy-datum to lv_fkdat.

     and pass the lv_fkdat to screen field.
    'RV60A-FKDAT'  lv_fkdat


Sreenivasa Sarma K

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