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Drag and Drop between Web Dynpro and FlashIsland


i would like to know if it is or will be possible to capture drag and drop between Web Dynpro components and components inside a FlashIsland (or the FlashIsland itself).

As far as i know by now it is possible to handle (native) D&D events (from "outside") when you are building an AIR application. But a normal Flex Application does not have access to that native D&D manager. So, are there any possibilities to capture a Drop from outside? Are there any future plannings to handle such events?

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I'm hardly a silverlight expert, but I have my doubts. Although Silverlight and IE are both created by Microsoft, Siliverlight still runs as a browser plug-in and is restricted to the sandbox nature of all plug-ins. Silverlight is also cross-browser. So even if such a thing could be allowed on IE by a specific security workaround Microsoft supplies; it isn't likely to be allowed on Firefox.

I did some searching on the web and it appears to me that the situation is the same as Flex. You can drag and drop within the Sliverlight area; but not to/from anything outside the Silverlight plug-in. My search was hardly exhaustive however, so you may find otherwise.

I found a posting on from a microsoft employee that explains why this would be a security risk:

The problem is in order for drag and drop to work you have to query the object as it enters your region to see if it's value for droppping... which means whenever you dragged an object over a silverlight region, that region's coding could get ahold of it. What if you were dragging some XLS with accounting information from one folder to another and hapened to go over a Silverlight region in an open browser window who though tit would be fun to store everything that ever dragged over it? Unlikely but possible.

This is the reason for sandboxing each "application" (and the plug-in running within the browser is treated as a separate application) that isn't native desktop.

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