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Server0 process taking too much time

Hi All,

Once i start the Netweaver server, the server) process taking too much time.

When i was installed Netweaver that time 13 min, after 2 months 18 min.. then 25 min now it is taking 35 minutes.... to become green color.

Why it is taking too much time, what might be the cause.....

Give some ideas to solve this problem..............

The server0 developer trace has this information continuously 6 to 7 times...

[Thr 4204] *************** STISEND ***************

[Thr 4204] STISEND: conversation_ID: 86244265

[Thr 4204] STISEND: sending 427 bytes

[Thr 4204] STISearchConv: found conv without search

[Thr 4204] STISEND: send synchronously


[Thr 4204] NiIWrite: hdl 0 sent data (wrt=515,pac=1,MESG_IO)

[Thr 4204] STIAsSendToGw: Send to Gateway o.k.

[Thr 4204] STIAsRcvFromGw: timeout value: -1

[Thr 4204] NiIRead: hdl 0 recv would block (errno=EAGAIN)

[Thr 4204] NiIRead: hdl 0 received data (rcd=3407,pac=2,MESG_IO)

[Thr 4204] STIAsRcvFromGw: Receive from Gateway o.k.

[Thr 4204] STISEND: data_received: CM_COMPLETE_DATA_RECEIVED

[Thr 4204] STISEND: received_length: 3327

[Thr 4204] STISEND: status_received: CM_SEND_RECEIVED

[Thr 4204] STISEND: request_to_send_received: CM_REQ_TO_SEND_NOT_RECEIVED

[Thr 4204] STISEND: ok

[Thr 4204] STIRCV: new buffer state = BUFFER_EMPTY

[Thr 4204] STIRCV: ok

[Thr 4204] *************** STSEND ***************

[Thr 4204] STSEND: conversation_ID: 86244265

[Thr 4204] STISearchConv: found conv without search

[Thr 4204] STSEND: new buffer state = BUFFER_DATA

[Thr 4204] STSEND: 106 bytes buffered

[Thr 4204] *************** STIRCV ***************

[Thr 4204] STIRCV: conversation_ID: 86244265

[Thr 4204] STIRCV: requested_length: 16000 bytes

[Thr 4204] STISearchConv: found conv without search

[Thr 4204] STIRCV: send 106 buffered bytes before receive

[Thr 4204] STIRCV: new buffer state = BUFFER_DATA2

[Thr 4204] *************** STISEND ***************


[Thr 4252] JHVM_NativeGetParam: get profile parameter DIR_PERF

[Thr 4252] JHVM_NativeGetParam: return profile parameter DIR_PERF=C:\usr\sap\PRFCLOG

this message continuously

Can i have any solution for the above problem let me know .

Thanks & regards,

Sridhar M.

Former Member
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