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Rendering RTF content


We're reporting w/ RTF content and are finding that some parts of the "RTF" are not being rendered with Crystal Reports X1 R2. Specifically, bulleted list items.

The following RTF content renders properly in WordPad, but our Crystal Reports report ignores the bullets.

(Copy/Paste into a text document w/ .RTF as the file extension and open it in WordPad to see)

{\rtf1\ansi\ansicpg1252\deff0\deflang1033{\fonttbl{\f0\fswiss\fcharset0 Arial;}{\f1\fnil\fcharset2 Symbol;}}

{\*\generator Msftedit;}\viewkind4\uc1\pard{\pntext\f1\'B7\tab}{\*\pn\pnlvlblt\pnf1\pnindent0{\pntxtb\'B7}}\fi-720\li720\f0\fs20 Bulleted List Item\par

{\pntext\f1\'B7\tab}Second Line\par


Can anyone help?


Former Member

Hello William,

Crystal Reports does not support all RTF formatting tags. There's an older note that outlines some of the supported and unsupported tags - [SAP Note 1214798 - What RTF tags are supported in Crystal Reports?|]

This is an older document (CR8), but hasn't changed a great deal. There may be differences related to the addition of Unicode support with CR9 and up, but I couldn't find an updated list.

Here's the content of the note in case you have any trouble hitting the above link.



In Crystal Reports (CR) 8 and later, Rich Text Format (RTF) is an available option for 'Text Interpretation' when formatting an object.

What RTF tags (also known as RTF control words) are supported in CR's RTF 'Text Interpretation'?


In CR, a list of supported RTF tags does not exist. However, this knowledge base article provides the following:

A list of RTF tags that are known to format correctly in CR.
A list of RTF tags that are known to not format correctly in CR.
Tips to troubleshoot if an RTF tag will format correctly in CR.
Where to find more information.
Background information.

List of RTF tags Known to Format Correctly in CR
\fonttbl u00B7 font table generation
\colortbl u00B7 color table generation
\tab u00B7 fixed tabs (fixed meaning set on a horizontal line position)
\par u00B7 new paragraph...essentially a carriage return or line feed
\qr u00B7 paragraph alignment (qr is right aligned, qc is centered, ql is left aligned)
\ul u00B7 underline (ulnone is used to switch off underline)
\b u00B7 bold (b0 is used to switch off bold)
\fi2880 u00B7 indent first line of paragraph (in this example the indent is 2 inches)
\li1440 u00B7 left indent all (in this example the indent is 1 inch)
\strike u00B7 strikeout font
\emdash or \endash u00B7 both produce the smaller "-" dash (en-dash, a dash the width of the letter "n")
\emspace or \enspace u00B7 both produce the smaller " " space (en-space, a space the width of the letter "n")
\ldblquote u00B7 left double quotation mark (rdblquote produces a right double quotation mark)
\lquote u00B7 left single quotation mark (rquote produces a right single quotation mark)
\bullet u00B7 bullet mark

List of RTF tags Known to Not Format Correctly in CR
\pntext\f1\'B7 u00B7 bulleted indents (in this example a round bullet is used)
\sub u00B7 subscript
\super u00B7 superscript
\trowd u00B7 tables and any table, row, or cell-related tags
\shad u00B7 shadows
\animtext u00B7 animated text
\caps u00B7 apply capital letters
\uldb u00B7 double underline
\uldash u00B7 dash underline
\ulth u00B7 thick underline
\ulw u00B7 wave underline
\chshdng u00B7 character shading
\chdate u00B7 current date
\bkmrkstart or \bkmarkend u00B7 bookmark start or bookmark end
\pict, \wbitmap, etc. u00B7 pictures and any picture-related tags
\object u00B7 OLE objects and any OLE object-related tags
\do u00B7 Drawing objects and any Drawing object-related tags

Tips to Troubleshoot an RTF tag




The troubleshooting tips provided have not been tested with all RTF tags. The troubleshooting tips are provided as a probable scenario. It is not guaranteed that an RTF tag will format correctly in CR.


Apply the format property of the embedded text of a text object in CR. If the formatting properties can be applied to the embedded text, then the corresponding RTF tag will format correctly in CR.

Apply the RTF tag in CR. If the RTF tag formats correctly in CR, then the tag to turn off the same property will format correctly.

RTF Text Interpretation reads formula or database syntax written as RTF tags and thereby apply the format property in CR. This feature is available in CR 8 and later.

The component that interprets RTF tags is Crpaig80.dll. This component renders text objects in Crystal Reports.



Dan Kelleher

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