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Confusion about third-party-libraries in different versions in CE 71.


After some research on the use of different versions of third-party-libraries in SAP netweaver CE 7.1, I am actually quite confused and would be happy if someone could shed a light on that subject....

1. Is there a way to tell netweaver CE 7.1 to use a library in my WEB-INFlib-folder by simple configuration?

E.g. we would like to use a third-party-lib in a newer version than the one which is loaded by CE 7.1. Many application server provide a simple configuration option (e.g inside META-INFapplication.xml) where the web as can be forced to use the library inside WEB-INFlib for this application.

2.Is the concept of "heavy loading" described in a blog by Georgi Danov(Using Hibernate in SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment) the answer to question 1.?

Does it also work for other third-party-libraries than hibernate? Does it work at all?

3. In the blog mentioned in question 2, Mr. Danov is talking about "shared libraries". Does this mean, that I have to forget everything about "bundled" and "standard" libraries explained in, if I want to create a heavy loader?

He is referencing another blog (Applications and shared libraries) which is two years old? Can I still apply the information there to CE?

4. Are "Bundled libraries" applicable when using different versions of third-party-libraries in CE 7.1?

In "Working with libraries" ( it says:

"Bundled libraries: These provide resources only to a single enterprise application, and are packed inside the application's EAR file."

=>As I want to provide the lib only to my enterprise application, I will probably have to create a bundled library, right? Does this also work if netweaver CE 7.1 uses a different version of the same library?

5. Do I need Netweaver Developer Studio for creating "bundled" libraries?

Or can I copy the binaries in the WEB-INFlib-folder of my application, deploy it and use it?

6. Is configuration of application-j2ee-engine.xml the right place to reference a third-party-library in a specific version which exists in WEB-INF/lib-folder in my application even if it exists also in another version on netweaver?

=> In the document "Troubleshooting: Finding Missing Parent-Child Relations" it says: "To implement the chain of parent-child relations in the deployment descriptor of the component, use either application-j2ee-engine.xml (for applications) or provider.xml (for libraries and services)."

=> "Creating standard libraries" ( tells me, that I have to configure the file application-j2ee-engine.xml, too.

=> But in "Working with libraries" ( it says:

"Standard libraries: These provide resources to all enterprise applications deployed on the server. They are packed in EAR files like the enterprise applications."

=> Does this mean, that I have to force Netweaver CE 7.1 to use a higher version of a certain third-party-library? Does this even work? Do all applications deployed on Netweaver 7.1 have to use this library in the higher version?

It is really confusing to read through the documentation!!! Sorry for that avalanche of questions, but I really hope it will make the issue of using libraries (especially if they exist in different versions on the CE 7.1) a little clearer!

Best regards


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