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How to Open OpenFileDiologe Box from Business One


I want to Select .txt File From Required Location. on click event of Button.

Please Help


Hi venkat,

use the following code on item pressed event..

Case SAPbouiCOM.BoEventTypes.et_ITEM_PRESSED

Select Case pVal.ItemUID

Case "Btnbrowse"


end select

Private Sub OpenFile(ByRef BubbleEvent As Boolean)


ShowFolderBrowserThread = New Threading.Thread(AddressOf ShowFolderBrowser)

If ShowFolderBrowserThread.ThreadState = ThreadState.Unstarted Then ShowFolderBrowserThread.SetApartmentState(ApartmentState.STA)


ElseIf ShowFolderBrowserThread.ThreadState = ThreadState.Stopped Then



End If

Catch ex As Exception

sbo_application.MessageBox("OpenFile" & ex.Message)

End Try

Private Sub ShowFolderBrowser()

Dim MyTest As New OpenFileDialog

Dim MyProcs() As System.Diagnostics.Process

Dim filename As String

MyProcs = process.GetProcessesByName("SAP Business One")

If MyProcs.Length = 1 Then

For i As Integer = 0 To MyProcs.Length - 1

'// WindowWraper concepts are used to access open dialogue box of windows

Dim MyWindow As New WindowWrapper(MyProcs(i).MainWindowHandle)

MyTest.Filter = "Excel files (.xls)|.xls|Document files (.doc)|.doc|Presentation (.ppt)|.ppt|Adobe PDF Files (.pdf)|.pdf|Text Documents (.txt)|.txt" '|All Files (.)|."

'MyTest.InitialDirectory = "C:\Program Files\SAP\SAP Business One\Attachments"

'// Initial path for open dialogue box

'// We can change as per the requirements

MyTest.InitialDirectory = "C:\Program Files\SAP\SAP Business One\Attachments"

If MyTest.ShowDialog(MyWindow) = DialogResult.OK Then

filename = MyTest.FileName

.your validations........





End If

end sub

Public Class WindowWrapper

Implements System.Windows.Forms.IWin32Window

Private _hwnd As IntPtr

Public Sub New(ByVal handle As IntPtr)

_hwnd = handle

End Sub

Public ReadOnly Property Handle() As System.IntPtr Implements System.Windows.Forms.IWin32Window.Handle


Return _hwnd

End Get

End Property

End Class

to open the file you can use the follwing code on display button pressed.

Private Sub fileopen(ByVal filename As String)

'// Opening specified document with reference to the filename distributed



Catch ex As Exception

sbo_application.StatusBar.SetText("File Not Found in Specified Path:" & filename, SAPbouiCOM.BoMessageTime.bmt_Short, SAPbouiCOM.BoStatusBarMessageType.smt_Error)

End Try

End Sub


Ganesh K

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