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routing for configurable material


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Can u tell me how to configure Routing for configurable material?


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Pls. find some details about maintaining Configurable Routing as below :

Routings for Configurable Materials


A routing (or task list) for a configurable material contains all the operations, operation

sequences, and production resources/tools (PRTs) that are required to manufacture all variants

of a configurable material.

Routings (task lists) for configurable materials are known as super task lists.

When you configure the material, you assign characteristic values that are used in production to

determine the operations required.

In the processing industries, master recipes are used instead of task lists. Master recipes contain

all the recipe objects that are required for all product variants.


To maintain task lists for configurable materials, choose Routings Routing Create. You

create the routing in the same way as for other materials.

You can assign dependencies to the operations, operation sequences, and PRTs in routings for

configurable materials.

You can assign dependencies to the phases, operations, BOM items, and secondary resources

in master recipes.

You can assign the following dependency types:

  • Selection conditions*

To ensure that operations, operation sequences, and PRTs are selected when they are

needed in a variant, you assign selection conditions to them.

Selection conditions also ensure that the correct objects in master recipes are selected.

  • Procedures (actions)*

To change fields in operations and PRTs, such as the standard values, you use

procedures or actions.

In master recipes, you can change fields in operations, phases, secondary resources,

and BOM components.

Pls. find details about maintaining Selection Conditions as below :

Selection Conditions


You can use selection conditions to ensure that all the objects relevant to a variant are selected:

Selection conditions determine which variants require a specific component or operation

Selection conditions determine when it is mandatory to assign a value to a characteristic

You can allocate selection conditions to the following objects:


BOM items

Operations in task lists


Sequences of operations

Production resources/tools (PRTs)


A selection condition is fulfilled if the condition in it is unambiguously true.

A selection condition is fulfilled if the value in the condition is set for the


A selection condition is not fulfilled if:

a) A different value is set for the characteristic

b) No value is set for the characteristic

Selection Conditions for a BOM Item and Operation

Pls. find the example as below:

Characteristic HANDLEBAR is assigned to configurable material BIKE. Characteristic

HANDLEBAR has the following values:




Each handlebar has its own component in the BOM and its own operation in the routing. A

selection condition is allocated to each component and each operation. This selection condition

determines which components and operations are selected for a variant.


Item Component Selection condition

0010 Racing Handlebar = u2018Racingu2019

0020 MOUNTAIN_HANDLEBAR Handlebar = u2018Mountainu2019

0030 STANDARD_HANDLEBAR Handlebar = u2018Standardu2019

Routing of BIKE

Operation Description Selection condition

0010 Mount



Handlebar = u2018Racingu2019

0020 Mount



Handlebar = u2018Mountainu2019

0030 Mount



Handlebar = u2018Standardu2019


1. You create 3 selection conditions.

2. Enter the appropriate source code for each selection condition:

u2013 Handlebar eq u2018Racingu2019

u2013 Handlebar eq u2018Mountainu2019

u2013 Handlebar eq u2018Standardu2019

3. Allocate each selection condition to the appropriate BOM component and the appropriate

operation in the routing.

When you configure the bike, the correct component and operation for each value of

characteristic HANDLEBAR are selected automatically.

Master Data References in Task Lists

The example of BIKE is taken here:

Configurable material BIKE has the following characteristic:

Characteristic Values

COLOR MG (Mirror green)

KR (Kansas red)

BG (Baltimore gray)

FL (French lavender)

You need a special painting procedure for the color u2018French lavenderu2019. This increases the setup

time of operation u2018Paint bikeu2019 from 30 minutes to 60 minutes.

Routing of BIKE

Operation Description Procedure

0040 Paint bike Setup time + 30 mins for color u2018French lavenderu2019

1. Create Procedure

1. Create reference characteristic SETUP_TIME with the following master data reference:

Table PLPOD field VGW01

2. Create a procedure with the following source code:


3. Assign the procedure to operation u2018Paint bikeu2019 in the routing for the bike.

2. Create Procedure

For the color u2018French lavenderu2019, create characteristic METALLICEFFECT:

Characteristic Values



If you want metallic paintwork, the setup time increases by another 30 minutes.

Routing of BIKE

Operation Description Procedure

0040 Paint bike Setup time + 30 mins for color u2018French lavenderu2019

Setup time + 30 mins for metallic effect

1. Create a procedure with the following source code:


You do not use the keyword MDATA in this procedure, because you are accessing

the changed value.

2. Assign the procedure to operation u2018Paint bikeu2019.


To check the result in the configuration simulation:

1. Assign value u2018FLu2019 to characteristic COLOR.

2. Choose Result.

3. On the result screen, select header material BIKE and choose View Objects Task list.

You see the routing for material BIKE.

4. Select operation u2018Paint bikeu2019 and choose Information.

You see that the standard value has increased from 30 minutes to 60 minutes.

5. Choose Characteristics and assign value u2018Yesu2019 to characteristic METALLICEFFECT.

6. Display the result.

The standard value has increased to 90 minutes.

Hope this helps.

Revert if you need more details.



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