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Unable to start the SAP router services

Hello All,

We had the sap router installed in our environment. But we had to delete it for some reasons and start the configuration again.

I performed the below steps to configure the router:

1) I followed the SAP NOTE: 525751 and removed the existing SAProuter

2) Deleted the SAProuter services manually from Registry Editor:

4) Installed the SAprouter using the below command (per note 525751):

ntscmgr install saprouter u2013b d:\usr\sap\saprouter\saprouter.exe -

p "service -r -W60000 -R d:\usr\sap\saprouter\saprouttab -K ^p:CN=isa,

OU=0000510252, OU=SAProuter, O=SAP, C=DE^"

It gave the message:

u201CCreateService Successu201D

As per note I had to change the symbol (^) to symbol (") in the registry editor, but there was no entry and no ^ sign existed tha is the value of the IMAGE PATH in registry was Null.

I entered the value D:\usr\sap\saprouter.exe -r -

K "p:CN=isa, OU=0000510252, OU=SAProuter, O=SAP, C=DE"

for the image path in registry editor.

Take note the cryprtofiles are installed successfully, able to import the credentials for user under which SAP router service should run and validity is correct.

This is the latest dev_rout entries:

NiHsLInit: alloc host/serv bufs (200/200 entries)

NiIInit: allocated nitab (811 at 00290048)

NiIInit: host/serv bufs already initialized

NiPGetNodeAddrList: got 2 interface(s) from operating system

[0] IP-Address:

[1] IP-Address:

NiIGetServNo: servicename '3299' = port 0C.E3/3299

SAP Network Interface Router, Version 38.10

Compiled Sep 27 2007 01:16:41

command line arg 0: saprouter

command line arg 1: -r

command line arg 2: -S

command line arg 3: 3299

command line arg 4: -V

command line arg 5: 3

command line arg 6: -K

command line arg 7: p:CN=isa, OU=0000510252, OU=SAProuter, O=SAP, C=DE

service : 3299

routtab : ./saprouttab

plug-in : no plug-in

-argument: 'no argument'

clients : 800

max servers : 1

quelength : 1

maxheap : 20000000

timeoutL : 5000

tracefile : dev_rout

logfile : no logging active

portrange : no portrange active

local address : default address

->> SncInit(prg=0, ini_fname=(NULL), &sec_avail=00D1FACF)

SncInit(): Initializing Secure Network Communication (SNC)

PC with Windows NT (mt,ascii,SAP_UC/size_t/void* = 8/32/32)

SncInit(): Trying environment variable SNC_LIB as a

gssapi library name: "D:\usr\sap\saprouter\ntintel\sapcrypto.dll".

load shared library (D:\usr\sap\saprouter\ntintel\sapcrypto.dll), hdl 0

using "D:\usr\sap\saprouter\ntintel\sapcrypto.dll"

DlLoadFunc: GetProcAddress(sapsnc_init_adapter) Error 127

Error 127 = "The specified procedure could not be found."

Please help me to get this fixed....



Former Member
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