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How to include a condition value in Tax Base Value BASB

Hi friends,

I have created a separate pricing procedure as per the price of a vendor which charges as follows.

A. Gross price Rs.100

B. Discount

C. Sub Total: A-B

D. Depo Charges % on C

E. Sub Total(C+D)

F. Entry Tax % on E

F. Sub Total (E+F)


H. Sub Total (F+G)

For Depo Charges & Entry Tax I created new conditions ZDC1 & ZENT

Both the conditions are defined as

Condition Class A (Discount/Surcharge)

Calculation type A (Percentage)

Both are marked as item conditions without accrual tick.

Than I put them in a new calculation schema as follows .But the problem is NAVS, which is getting calculated on Sub Total u201CEu201D, i.e., without taking the Entry Tax value in to Sales Tax Base Value (BASB).

This is to indicate that our Tax procedure is TAXINJ and it is without any excise conditions.

The structure of the calculation schema is like this.

Step Cntr CTyp Description From To

001 01 PB00 Gross Price 000 000

001 02 PBXX Gross Price 000 000

010 01 RA00 Discount % on Net 000 000

010 02 RA01 Discount % on Gross 001 000

020 00 NetValueincldiscount 000 000

030 01 ZDC1 Depo Charges (%) 020 000

035 00 Sub Total 020 030

040 01 ZENT Entry Tax % 035 000

060 00 Sub Total 035 040

070 00 NAVS Non-Deductible Tax 000 000

071 00 Sub Total 060 070

Than other conditiontypes..........

What else am I missing for getting the right calculation?


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