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Translate Informix Select-Statement

Dear Members,

i need to translate an Exec-SQL Statement into ABAP.

The following SQL Statement selects data from an Informix Database.

  • EXEC SQL PERFORMING append_einzelteilbew.

  • select k.vkorg, k.kunnr, k.adr1 as name1, b.bewnr, trim(b.bewname) || ', ' || trim(b.bewvorname) as bwlas,

  • a.matnr, a.bezeichnung as maktx, e.barcode

  • from einzelteil e, einzelteilbewegung eb, artikel a, bewohner b, kunde k

  • into :wa_out where a.vkorg = :p_vkorg and a.mandt = '301'

  • and (eb.enter_ts between :z_timevo and :z_timebi)

  • and a.vkorg = b.vkorg and a.mandt = b.mandt and a.vkorg = e.vkorg

  • and a.mandt = e.mandt and a.mandt = eb.mandt and a.vkorg = eb.vkorg

  • and a.mandt = k.mandt and a.vkorg = k.vkorg and k.kunnr = e.kunnr

  • and k.kunnr = b.kunnr and e.matnr = a.matnr and b.bewnr = e.bewnr

  • and e.barcode = eb.barcode

  • group by k.vkorg, k.kunnr, k.adr1, b.bewnr, 5, a.matnr, a.bezeichnung, e.barcode

  • order by k.kunnr, b.bewnr, a.matnr


While i am at it... this is another Statement i have Problems with.

I already searched the SDN for UNION but i didnt find a fitting answer.

  • exec sql performing append_stl.


  • select settyp, version, matnr, 'N'

  • into :wa_stl-settyp,

  • :wa_stl-version,

  • :wa_stl-matnr,

  • :wa_stl-typ

  • from set_stl

  • where mandt = :sy-mandt

  • union

  • select settyp, version, matnr, 'E'

  • from ersatzmat

  • where mandt = :sy-mandt


  • endexec.

Thanks in advance for your help!


Former Member
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