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MI 7.0 Sync Issue

Dear forum users,

we are having some issues with our mobile application, which are caused by MI...

We are using:

Netweaver 2004s, Mobile Infrastructure 7.00 Sp 10, Db2e 8.24.

What is our application doing:

We have a (custom) SyncBO called ZEQUI_UPDA, which references the MAM 031 SyncBO (MAM 3.0 Equipment SyncBO). ZEQUI_UPDA always has one instance of its TOP structure (which contains a date/time field, which changes quite often) and up to 50 child instances. Those child instances reference the MAM Equipments.

What this does is, we are downloading Equipments only when our ZEQUI_UPDA SyncBO child structures reference them.

Short Version of the Problem:

With every sync we have more Equipments lying around on the device, Even though the reference (the ZEQUI_UPDA child structure) is being deleted.

Those orphaned Equipments do not get updated any more - this means, once a equipment is downloaded via our reference, it will never get deleted again, and never be updated!

Detailed Version of the Problem:

When the GETDETAIL Function module of the ZEQUI_UPDA Sync replaces its childstructures from the initial set of Equipments (Equi 1,...,50) to a new set of Equipments (Equi 51,...,100), then the middleware sends a Replace Command for the head (Action=R) and specifies new values for the head (e.g. the date in the head is changed). The middleware also sends new child structures, which is correct. When I check the database of my MI Client, I always have 50 child instances. So that is good!

For the MAM 031 SyncBO unfortunetaly, no updates are sent! If I look into the merep_mon, I can see that MAM031 SyncBOs are only downloaded, but never deleted.

My conclusion:

It seems that the Middleware is not sending Delete Commands for the Equipments when the references (the childstructures of our ZEQUI_UPDA) are deleted.

Does anybody else experience the same thing with MI 7.0? Or does anybody have a clue why that is?

To me this seems like a MI bug, but I would like second opinion on this topic.

Thank you in advance for any help,


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