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FD32 didn't update table KNKK after save problem

Hi All,

I found a problem when tried to change "credit.account" in transaction FD32 for one customers number

which credit.acccount (KNKK-KNKLI) value in table KNKK isn't change after click save.

This problem occured for only one customers.

After checked data in table KNKK. I found something interesting as example below:

My problem customer number is 109866 / Cred.control area 2235 which have crediit.account as 396822.

I tried to select all customer number which refered to credit account 396822 and credit.control.area 2235.

The result as example below:

Customers Credit.Control.Area Credit.Account

109866 2235 396822

396822 2235 396822

396823 2235 396822

Then, I tried to change credit.account value for all 3 customers. The result still wasn't update in table KNKK.

It's mean .. not only one customer which was effected from this problem.

After go to detail of program SAPMF02C (FD32), I found program always call function module "SD_CREDIT_RECREATE"

when tried to change credit.account but if i debug to compare between problem customer and customer which success

to change credit.account, Everything look the same but after pass command "commit work". The problem customer still

not change new credit.account in table KNKK but another customer is success to change.

After investigated, I found everytime that we need to change credit.account, Changing requires data reorganization.

Refered to sapnote 408596, sometime my happen error when reorganize data. So, Can use program RFDKLI20 to rerun

data reorganization.

After go to detail of program RFDKLI20, I found this program call function module "SD_CREDIT_RECREATE" which same

as program for FD32. The logic of program is select all document which have payer as input customer and also all customers

which have credit.account same as credit.account of input customers. (So, 396822, 396823 will be criteria in case of input

customer as 109866 to reorganize data).

After executed program, The report show something wrong as message below:

396823 84821427 Delivery 84821427 does not exit

Then, I found this delivery was archive and doesn't exist in database.

For my assumption is everytime that we need to change credit.account, This changing require data reorganization for

all document which have a payer as changed customer. But if something wrong or problem occured while reorganize data.

It's mean unsuccess to change or update data, Correct?

To resolve this problem, I shoud to get delivey doc which was archive into system and rerun program RFDKLI20 to complete

data reorganization? or anyway to resolve this problem?

Would be appreciated for your kindly answer my question.

Thossapron Apinyapanja.

Former Member
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