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field type String (long length more than 1500)

Hi All,

we have requirement like one custom table with field string type(1500 length) should update through the report.

problem is, it is not updating that many characters through the report.

(till 255 chars only updating in the table)

i have to update full string in the custom table.

the code is below, please help me any one come accross the situation.

thanks in advance.

data: lv_test type string,

lv_test1 type string,

lv_num type i,

it_test type table of ZFEILD_TEST,

wa_test type zfeild_test.

do 10 times.

lv_test = 'thptjpojtgpeojygpeojhpoewjhpojwhjwpohjopsjhoptrjhopjwhopjwpojhpowjhopwjojwpojhpowjhpowjkahglfdglkaglkahklrhlfhslhkalklklhkalhalkhlahlkajljhlajhlajlajlkajlhjaljlajlhjaljhlajhlahpojwpohjwopjhojhwjhojopjwopjhwojhotjhwojwhojwpojhpwojhpowjophjwpojh'


lv_test1 = lv_test.

concatenate lv_test lv_test1 into lv_test1.

clear: lv_test.


lv_num = strlen( lv_test1 ).

wa_test-STRIN = lv_test1.

wa_test-znumber = '001'.

append wa_test to it_test.

loop at it_test into wa_test.

write: / wa_TEST-strin.

modify zfeild_test from wa_test.


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