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Notifications complaint rate report


I have a requirement as below

notification month equipment month(no. of notifications)

cy200601 cy200602 cy200603

1 1 3 1

2 2 ` 2 1

3 3 1 1

1- means notifications in 1st month after equipment built

2 - means notifications in 2nd month after equipment built

3 - means notifications in 3 rd month after equipment built

but what i am getting is

notification month equipment month(no. of notifications)

cy200601 cy200602 cy200603

cy200601 1 0 0

cy200602 2 ` 3 0

cy200603 3 2 1

cy200604 2 1 1

cy200605 6 4 1

whats the differenece is they want to see notification month as 1,2,3, means 1st 2nd 3rd months after equipment built so we need to design the query to calculate the number of failures according to their 1st 2nd 3rd months after it built

that means

for jan'08 1st built month will be jan'08

for feb'08 first built month would be feb'08 and so on so basically we need to get failure rates for first month after equipment built in 1st row and 2nd month in second so we nee dto get rid of the months prior to equipment built

why they need like this is because they want to do trending and forecasting on equipment build month versus failure rate according to number of months in service like

how the equipments performed in first 3 months after they built and how they performed after 6 months

if we can provide all those in one row like 1s month failures according to 1st week in service not according to what we are getting, if we built in april'08 we will be getting 0's in first 3 rows(because equipment not even built at that time) so that's why they ant to dispaly as shown in first screen.

one more issue is they want it in weeks,

and i have calweek asssigned to buth notification week and equipment but as we can use one time character i am getting notification week in my query and i need to fetch equipment week aswell.

Thanks for your time.

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