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Erratic Analytic Servers

We recently added some additional servers to our production environment

as we are about to increase the number of users accessing our Corporate

Dashboards. The dashboards contain various universe based analytics with links to webi reports.

We added:

1) one additional cms

2) six Dashboard

3) six analytic

4) six webi

Can you advise - is the portfolio.engine (AA_Analytics)required to be running

if we are only using Dashboard builder ? We previously used Performance Manager

but no longer use it or have a license key but are licensed to use Dashboard builder.

We are receiving some erratic errors when accessing the dashboards - the 'AA_Analytics_2.portfolioengine is no longer running' however when we run the -display command the service is up, running and enabled ?

It varies as to which Analytics server is no longer available, see list below however when running -display it always reports its up and enabled ? -display

Creating session manager...

Logging onto CMS...

Creating infostore...

Sending query to get all server objects on the local machine...

Checking server status...

s1dti1.cms.aps is enabled.

s1dti1.Desktop_IntelligenceJobServer.jobserver is enabled.

s1dti1.destjobserver.jobserver is enabled.

s1dti1.Web_IntelligenceJobServer.jobserver is enabled.

s1dti1.programjobserver.jobserver is enabled.

s1dti1.reportjobserver.jobserver is enabled.

s1dti1.ListOfValuesJobServer.jobserver is enabled.

s1dti1.eventserver.eventserver is enabled.

s1dti1.pageserver.pageserver is enabled.

s1dti1.cacheserver.cacheserver is enabled.

s1dti1.ConnectionServer.CsContainer is enabled.

s1dti1.Desktop_IntelligenceCacheServer.dpscacheFullClient is enabled.

s1dti1.Web_IntelligenceReportServer.webiserver is enabled.

s1dti1.profileengine.iProfiler is enabled.

s1dti1.dashboardengine.dashboardEngine is enabled.

s1dti1.spcengine.spcEngine is enabled.

s1dti1.queryengine.queryManager is enabled.

s1dti1.probeengine.probeEngine is enabled.

s1dti1.rulesengine.rulesEngine is enabled.

s1dti1.Desktop_IntelligenceReportServer.dpsprocFullClient is enabled.

s1dti1.repomgt.repomgt is enabled.

s1dti1.miningengine.miningEngine is enabled.

s1dti1.portfolioengine.portfolioEngine is enabled.

Input.s1dti1.fileserver is enabled.

Output.s1dti1.fileserver is enabled.

s1dti1.ras.rptappserver is enabled.

s1dti1.AA_Dashboard_6.dashboardEngine is enabled.

s1dti1.AA_Dashboard_2.dashboardEngine is enabled.

s1dti1.AA_Dashboard_3.dashboardEngine is enabled.

s1dti1.AA_Analytic_5.portfolioEngine is enabled.

s1dti1.AA_Dashboard_4.dashboardEngine is enabled.

s1dti1.AA_Analytic_6.portfolioEngine is enabled.

s1dti1.AA_Analytic_2.portfolioEngine is enabled.

s1dti1.AA_Analytic_3.portfolioEngine is enabled.

s1dti1.AA_Dashboard_5.dashboardEngine is enabled.

s1dti1.Webi_5.webiserver is enabled.

s1dti1.Webi_6.webiserver is enabled.

s1dti1.Webi_4.webiserver is enabled.

s1dti1.Webi_3.webiserver is enabled.

s1dti1.Webi_2.webiserver is enabled.

s1dti1.AA_Analytic_4.portfolioEngine is enabled.

s1dti1.cms2.aps is enabled.

Any suggestions would be welcome.

Former Member
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