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Why Journal Entry added successfully but JdtNum field return 0?


I'm using C# 2005 and SAP B1 DI-API 2007 to add in some journal entries. Although the entries are added successfully, connected via the client and made sure these are added, the JdtNum property kept showing 0 instead of the actual Journal Entry ID as expected. Looking through the DI-API documentation i should be able to use this property once added successfully. Does anyone know why this is not the case? Below is my sample code.

SAPbobsCOM.Company sboCompany; (sboCompany already connected to database)

SAPbobsCOM.JournalEntries oSBOJournalEntry;

int? JournalID = null;

oSBOJournalEntry = (SAPbobsCOM.JournalEntries)sboCompany.GetBusinessObject(SAPbobsCOM.BoObjectTypes.oJournalEntries);

oSBOJournalEntry.Memo = "Testing 3";

oSBOJournalEntry.DueDate = DateTime.Now;

oSBOJournalEntry.ReferenceDate = DateTime.Now;

oSBOJournalEntry.Lines.AccountCode = "_SYS00000000723";

oSBOJournalEntry.Lines.LineMemo = "test line 1.1";

oSBOJournalEntry.Lines.Credit = 30.25;


oSBOJournalEntry.Lines.AccountCode = "_SYS00000000723";

oSBOJournalEntry.Lines.LineMemo = "test line 2.1";

oSBOJournalEntry.Lines.Debit = 30.25;


if (oSBOJournalEntry.Add() = 0)


JournalID = oSBOJournalEntry.JdtNum


Many thanks

Tai Vu

Former Member


GetByKey() to retrievl it after you add it.

        If (oSBOJournalEntry.Add() = 0) Then
            Dim JENumber As String = ""
            If oSBOJournalEntry.GetByKey(CInt(JENumber)) Then
                JournalID = oSBOJournalEntry.Number
                MsgBox(String.Format("Jounal Entry#{0} added.", JournalID))
            End If
            oCompany.GetLastError(lErrCode, errMsg)
        End If

Kind Regards


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