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Logic for recall and terminate process for creating material using GP

I have a new material request process which is to be designed. The process steps are as below

1) User group one starts the process by entering the new material request which they enter the basic view

2) The basic view goes for approval to the approver which is based on certain rule

3) At any point, the initiator of the request(User Group One) should have the authority to recall the process, i.e , the GP link fro approval view should vanish and it should come to first state. He can also terminate the request totally and the process ends.

4) Once the approver recieves the approval task, he can approve or reject.

5) If approver rejects, it should go back to initiator(USer group one). The initiator ( user group one) can then revise and resubmit.

6) If approver approves, the material gets created in SAP with basic view. Based on some logic, it is decided which other views are required for the material completion. Once the basic view is approved and sits in SAP, GP should automatically trigger "N other materail" views request item to be sent to different groups who will fill up the respective views. i.e. Sales team will fill up sales view and submit. Purchasing team will fill up purchasing view and submit and so on.

7) Once the respective teams have filled up the views, they will submit the different material views.

8) This views go for respective approvals to respective people.

9) If this views are rejected, then the respective teams have to revise and resubmit again for approval.

10) Once all the views are approved, the material gets created in SAP with all views.

11) At any point of time, the initiator(User group one) has the authority to recall the request. On recall , all workitems whatever stage they are should disappear and the process should go to Step (1) . Initiator can also terminate the request at any point of time and the process ends there and all item should disappear from respective GP inbox.

Any idea how this can be done. I can see the reject and revise can be done easily. I am more concerned about the RECALL and TERMINATE option.

Your help is much appreciated.



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