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Finding Java custom functions in CR XI or CR 12

I am rewriting a custom application from using CR 9 using C custom function to CR XI using Java custom functions. I can't seem to find complete documentation of setting up Java custom function for CR XI, so I pieced together what I found in several places. Unfortunately, I am not able to see the custom function in CR 12. Here are the directions I followed. Can anyone please tell me where I went astray? To try to view the custom functions in CR 12, I opened up an old report file from CR 9 that is one I am trying to convert to CD XI.



1) I created our custom functions and put them in the attached McKesson_UFL.jar file. The library path in the jar file is com.mckesson.lab.crystalreports.functions.McKessonUFLLibrary. This jar file was built with eclipse using Java 6.0 using CrystalFormulas.jar, CrystalReportingCommon.jar in the CLASSPATH

2) I put this jar file in the folder C:\Program Files\Business Objects\Common\4.0\java\lib\external

3) I put the CRConfig.xml in the folder C:\Program Files\Business Objects\Common\4.0\java. It contains the tag




4) On my Windows XP computer I set CLASS_PATH to include C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\lib;C:\etaimg7\HLAB\lib;C:\Program Files\Business Objects\Common\4.0\java\lib and I set JAVA_HOME to be c:\Program Files\Business Objects\JavaSDK\

5) With regedit, I set HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Business Objects\Suite 12.0\Crystal Reports JREPath=C:\Program Files\Business Objects\javasdk\jre\bin\client\jvm.dll

6) Then, within Crystal Reports, I set Java UFLu2019s only as below:

7) I think thatu2019s all I need to do, but when I load an old report, and bring up the u201CFormula Workshopu201D, I select a u201CFormula Fieldsu201D from the left panel and expand u201CFunctionsu201D in the third panel, there is nothing under the u201CAdditional Functionsu201D, where I expect to see my UFL library functions.

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