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How to Create and External Hierarchy and group values of IO in node

Good morning

BI 7:

Please give me guidance on the following?

I need to either to restrict a characteristic in a query to more than 800 values OR exclude values where it contains the pattern 'Z7' and 'Z8'. There are thousands of values which contains the pattern and they are not listed in such a way that I can exclude them as a value range, thus I would have to include all the values I want into the restriction, which is more than 800. An error displays when I check the query:

""In the structural component Warranty Damage Code, characteristic ZWR_DMGC is restricted to 838 values. This number is very large and will probably meet with technical limitations""

The proposed solution is:

""Create an external hierarchy for characteristic ZWR_DMGC and group the 838 values in a hierarchy node. You can then work with the node instead of the 838 individual values.

Alternatively, you can define a corresponding navigation attribute for ZWR_DMGC""

I know where to create the hierarchy, but I am confused how to only include the values of the applicable IO where pattern contains 'Z7' and 'Z8'.......??

The following are some of the steps proposed in a related thread, but I am loosing it at step 7.


5. Confirm your entries. The Maintain Hierarchy screen appears. You can define the structure of a hierarchy here. ok

6. To create a hierarchy node, you first need to choose an insertion mode: Insert as First Child or Insert As Next Neighbor (see Hierarchy Editing Functions). I selected first child

7. Choose the type of node you want to create: Text Node, Characteristic Node, <Hierarchy Basic Characteristic Node> or Interval (see Hierarchy Nodes) *this is where I am lost, which should I select to list values with pattern ' *Z7' and ' Z8' in a node or two

8. Repeat this procedure until the hierarchy structure has been set. For more information, see Modeling Nodes and Leaves.

A hierarchy can contain 50,000-100,000 leaves at most. If your hierarchy is larger, you should insert a level that is used as a navigation attribute or preferably as a separate characteristic in the dimension table.

9. You can use Level Maintenance and Hierarchy Attributes to set how the hierarchy is to be displayed and processed in reporting (see Level Maintenance and Hierarchy Attributes).

10. Save the hierarchy.


Your assistance will be appreciated.

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