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IDOC to SOAP scenario and transport process

Scenario:-IDOC to SOAP:

We got the WSDl file from Target system and our current scenario is working perfectly fine in Dev.


I have to send the same IDOC to two different SOAP target system with different SOAP URL WSDL structure is same only the URl differ.

Solutions which I thought of:

1) Separate Design for both the scenarios in IR and one CS with two SOAP channel, interface and receiver determination and agreement.

2) Use the same WSDL file structure for both the case. this will avoid the separate IR configuration. in this case there will be common MM,IM. In ID the configuration will remain the same as the case one.

In 2 case I would like to know whether I can use the WSDL file which has the details of first SOAP target for the second SOAP target. Will this WSDL file act simply as structure? Does the URL mentioned in the WSDL file will create any problem?

Transport process:

SOAP WSDL file has different URL for DEV,QA and PROD. when I transport the IR from Dev to QA the Dev WSDl file will be reflected in QA as external definition, I wanted to know what is the best method to do the transport in the above situation.

Solution which I thought of

1) Go to QA IR and import the QA WSDL file.

2) Go to Dev and import the WSDl file of QA and import it in QA which avoids manual import in QA, if I go by this way will this affect the testing of my interfaces in Dev system.

What is the best method we do the transport for the above scenario.

Need ur suggestions?


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