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Web Dispatcher permision tables file

Hi All

please assist with the following if you can:

We have installed a web dispatcher on our DMZ which is connected to our EP server (EP 700) both on windows.

We are trying to configure the web dispatcher to filter URLS, USERS and IP addresses.

We have created an AUTH file and a PERMTABLE files and stored these under the profile directory.

We then added the following Parameters on the Instance profile:

icm/HTTP/auth_0 = PREFIX=/, PERMFILE=D:\usr\sap\DSP\SYS\profile\permfile, AUTHFILE=D:\usr\sap\DSP\SYS\profile\authfile

Now, when we try to execute the url http;//localhost:8100/ which without the permtable settings redirects to the portal /irj/portal URL.

Now the problem that we are getting is, even if we enter P * * * * * on the permtable, the Dispatcher still stops us from accessign the portal with the following error:'


            • SECURITY WARNING ******


Mon Sep 29 15:13:30 2008

Error: Permission denied (-13), Permission denied: no entry for user >< [http_auth.c 853]

[Thr 4456] CONNECTION (id=0/4):

used: 1, type: 1, role: 1, stateful: 0

NI_HDL: 8, protocol: HTTP(1)

local host: ()

remote host: ()


connect time: 29.09.2008 15:13:30

MPI request: <6> MPI response: <7>

request_buf_size: 65464 response_buf_size: 0

request_buf_used: 364 response_buf_used: 0

request_buf_offset: 0 response_buf_offset: 0


It looks as if the Dispatcher is not even pickup the user i.e. no etry for user ><

Has any body ever configured the extended version of the permision file to control access for IP addresses, if so please help if you know how to solve the issue.

Kind Regards


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