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Mini SAP 7.01 under Windows Vista

Hi every one,

I wanna share my experience with you for installing version 7.01 under Vista. This might help you.

I have installed the newest version ([Message from Klaus Keller| of Mini SAP under Windows Vista and, believe it or not, it all went correct. It is important that you download version Netweaver 7.01, since previous versions are not supported in Vista.

In the download section () you find in file part 1 the description of process in a HTML & PDF file. You must pay much attention to what is described there; otherwise, it might happen that the installation process is not sucessful.

I´m not gonna describe the whole installation process. This is already in the download files. Just a reference of what I did:

1 ) make a backup of your information and have your Windows Vista disk at hand. It might happen that you have to format the computer´s hard disk if something goes wrong (this happened to me a couple of times in previous versions of Mini SAP and Windows XP). This is so, because it is impossible to erase some files and information in the registry (even with the Registry Clean Tool that is also downloadable in SDN). A new installation try was hopeless in those versions.

2) shut the firewall and antivirus off before you start.

3) don´t try to name your computer using special characters like - _ / & % and so on; additionally, name should be max. 13 characters long.

4) you need a user account for windows, even if you´re the only one to use the computer and you must assign a password to that user. You need it once you start the server through the SAP management console.

5) Install the Microsoft loopback adapter

once installed, system names it LAN-connection2 and you must asign a permanent IP address. Press button characteristics for its element Internet protocol version 4, where you enter:


Subnetwork mask

Don´t touch element Internet protocol version 6 !!

6) file hosts under c:windowssystem32driversetc --> add an entry for the host like this:

#Inicio de insercion jalonso "<-- this is my computer´s name and host name

You must have administrator rights and change the status write-protected for being able to modify it.

7) Process takes less than 1 hour, mostly without user interference.

8) if desired, install Adobe LifeCycle Designer before starting with SAP GUI. It happened to me once (Windows XP) that the installed SAP GUI was erased during installation of LifeCycle. It all then turned into a big mess and I had better to format the hard disk.

9) install SAP GUI on your computer, which is part of the downloaded files.

If installation was sucessful, it might happen that you experience a problem when starting the application server (start --> SAP Netwaever 7.01 --> NSP --> Start application server). You get a red screen with a couple of error messages ([read my post|;). It is not a very serious problem, ´cause you can start the server with the SAP management console anyway.

Hope this helps you when installing Mini SAP 7.01 in your computer.

Former Member
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