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Is it possible when going to Deposit to Cash, Checks and Credit card together? Thanks

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Depositing feature in B1 is :

The Deposit window enables you to deposit received checks, credit card vouchers and cash and to view deposited bills of exchange (only in France, Italy, Spain & Portugal).

To create or view deposits choose: Banking module --> Deposits --> Deposit.

for depositing checks, here is the explanation from B1:

Depositing Checks


The following procedure explains how to deposit cash and postdated checks.


Choose: Banking module ® Deposits ® Deposit ® Choose the Checks tab.

Select one of the following options:

Cash Checks u2013 if you want to deposit checks as cash. If you chose this option go to step 3.

Postdated Checks u2013 if you want to deposit checks as postdated. If you chose this option skip to step 4.

Fill in the Considered Until field the date until which checks with due date equal or earlier are considered as cash checks. The current date is displayed by default. Skip to step 5.

Fill in the Consider Fromu2026 Tou2026 fields the date range to indicate that all checks with due date within that range are considered as postdated checks. The dates of the next day and the last day of the fiscal year are displayed by default.

Define all the parameters (Currency, Display Checks From) to display in the table the check you want to deposit.

Select the checks to be deposited.

Choose Add to record the deposit in the database.


Once a deposit is added the following occur:

The appropriate journal entry is created. Itu2019s number will be displayed on the deposit document.

The status of the deposited checks is changed. When viewing these checks in the Check Fund, the details of the deposit are displayed.

For depositing credit card, here they are:

Deposit: Credit Card Tab


The following table describes the fields that appear on the Credit Card tab in the Deposit window.

To access this window, choose Banking ® Deposits ® Deposit. Choose the Credit Card tab.

Deposit: Credit Card Tab



Date Fromu2026 Tou2026

Enter a range of dates to display only credit card vouchers whose due dates are within the defined range.

Deferred Account

Enter the account to which the credit card vouchers whose due date is later than the deposit date will be deposited.

Find Voucher No.

To trace a specific credit card voucher, enter the number of the required voucher here. SAP Business One will mark the required voucher.

Display the Following Vouchers

Click and select the credit card fund in which the credit card vouchers for deposit are found. Select All to display all credit card vouchers that meet the other parameters defined.

Voucher No., Date, Card Name, Ref., Payment Method, Customer, # of Payments, Total

Display the relevant information regarding the credit card vouchers to be deposited. The details are taken from the incoming payment documents related to the displayed vouchers. The row below the table displays the number of the credit card vouchers selected, and their cumulative amount.

Total Commissions

Click to open the commission window, in which you can define the commission rate that should be paid for the deposit.

Reconcile Amounts After Deposit

Select if you want SAP Business One to automatically perform reconciliation of the amounts deposited.

for depositing cash, here they are:

The following table describes the fields that appear on the Cash tab in the Deposit window.

To access this window, choose Banking ® Deposits ® Deposit. Choose the Cash tab.

Deposit Window: Cash Tab



G/L Account

Displays by default the Cash on Hand account that was defined in Administration --> Definitions --> Financials --> G/L Account Determination --> Sales tab. You can select another cash account if required. This is the account from which the deposit is made.


Displays the balance of the selected cash account. If the balance is negative, it means that there is a debit balance, which is the maximum amount that can be deposited.


Enter the amount you want to deposit. You cannot deposit an amount that is larger than the cash fund balance.


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