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CATS worklist and confirmation period

Hello, community!

We have:

- cProjects 4.0 with the last support package (SAPK-40012INCPRXRPM) on CRM system

- integration with HR on ERP system (we maintain the resources and their availability there)

- Task-based Multilevel Controlling ("integration" with PS)

- task's confirmation by CATS.

There is 2 ways to form worklist for a resource:

- set him/her as Responsible resource for the task;

- or assign him/her to task (on the Resources tab, then Task tab).

Let's try 1st.

I've created a project (with task T1 and role R1) for a long time ago, staffed a resource to the role, assigned this person to task T1 as responsible resource.

Staffing period lasts from 06/10/2008 to 06/20/2008. The planned end date of the task is 06/30/2008. I don't want to change it.

Now this person want to confirm the task (it would be me for example). But today (09/25/2008) there is no tasks in my worklist in CATS.


If I staff myself to the role again, for a example for the period from 09/22/2008 to 09/26/2008 the task doesn't appear it the worklist anyway!

But if I select the task T1 and look in the drop-down list of responsible resources I'll see a list of resources. In that list would be so much resources, how much I've staffed them to the role. In our example I've staffed the resource 2 times so there is 2 identical lines:

"Konstantin Melnik"

"Konstantin Melnik"

<h6>By the way if I will staff another person to the role in the list of responsible resources would be all this resources.</h6>

So. I choose the last line with "Konstantin Melnik" and save the project. After that I see the task T1 in worklist.

It turns out if the task lasts very long (in fact) I must periodically go to the project and update the responsible resource? I think this logic is not entirely correct.

I want just select a responsible for a task and periodically staff him/her as I need! I don't want do this with unnecessary steps!

Let's try the 2nd variant

I've setup "No responsible" and assigned myself to the task T1 on the Task tab (at first go to Resources tab, select a role, go to Task tab - steps described [here|]).

And again I see the list that formed from staffed resources.

And again I see here 2 identical lines.

If I assign the resource from 1st line the task doesn't appear in the worklist. But if I choose the second line the task appears in the list.

So I must to choose the latest line with resource if I want this task stay in the worklist. I must repeat it again and again.

In the [SAP Note 1116626 - CATS worklist: Confirmation period and task assignment|] sad:


The system first checks the period that you have specified on the "Staffing" tab page for the confirmation period; it then checks the period that you have specified on the "Tasks" tab page in the group box "Tasks Assigned to Selected Project Role". If you have not made specifications on one of the two tab pages, the specifications in the other tab page prevail.

That is, in the CATS worklist, the specifications whose assignments to a role or resource lie within the confirmation period are displayed.


I even try to not specify the period - I just assign the resource from 1st line but task doesn't appear. It will appears only after choosing the latest line.

As I see:

- or this logic doesn't work

- or I don't understand this logic correctly

- or I've missed something

- or I need a some rest

By the way I don't found any document describing this process except Note 1116626.


Unfortunately, (as sad in the Rules of Engagement) I can't to upload any screenshots to make easier the explanation of the issue.

PSS. Sorry for my poor English and possible mistakes (I am sure they are).

Regards, Konstantin

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