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Parllel Currencies

Hi All

I'm configuring AA in ECC 6.0. I have 3 company codes - 0451(US),0455(PR),0435(Canada). 0451 company code has 01,10,11,12,13,42,43 dep areas. Everything is set up but while posting an entry via t.code F-90, I'm getting an error stating

" *Customizing inconsistency (contact your system administrator)

Message no. AC496


Company code 0451 manages parallel currencies in Asset Accounting. For each area that posts automatically online to FI, you have to define one dependent depreciation area that adopts both identical values and depreciation terms from depreciation area 01, and which is assigned to currency type 30 and currency USD. There is no depreciation area of this type defined for depreciation area 01* "

Please help me resolving the issue.

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Former Member replied

HEllo .. You must check the currencies en currencie and strong currencies.. then you should assign the currencie for the depreciation area in transaction OAYH

Specify the Use of Parallel Currencies

For the legal consolidation of your fixed assets, you might only need foreign currency amounts, but not need to use a different basis for valuation (APC/depreciation terms) than is used in the local currency. In this case, you can use the following FI general ledger function:

The Financial Accounting (FI) component provides you with the option to manage all the values of a company code in up to three currencies on the same accounts in parallel. You can define three local currencies for every company code for this in FI Customizing. A local currency is defined by the following specifications:

Currency type in accordance with the function of the currency (for example group currency)

Type of exchange rate for the conversion

Base currency for the conversion and

Date (for example document date) for the conversion

Even the values that are posted within Asset Accounting can be updated in several currencies and in the same FI document in parallel with the posted amount in local currency in financial accounting. For this, you need to manage a depreciation area with the following features for each currency:

Currency type and currency of the depreciation area are identical to the corresponding parallel currency in the company code in question.

The depreciation area must manage depreciation terms and acquisition values identical to the book depreciation area.

The system then automatically supplies the corresponding posting documents with the additional values from these depreciation areas. The areas in the foreign currency do not need to be explicitly posted to the general ledger (according to the posting settings in the definition of the depreciation area).


The system also supports parallel currencies in depreciation areas that do not post online, but which are posted during periodic posting to the general ledger.

When you use parallel currencies to show group valuation and profit center valuation, you should consider the following:

The key that is used in Asset Accounting for the parallel currencies is made up of the combination of the keys for currency type and valuation view that are entered in FI under "Define Additional Local Currencies."


You defined the following additional local currency in FI:

Currency type 30 (group valuation), valuation type 2 (profit center valuation). If you want to enter this currency in Asset Accounting as a parallel currency for a depreciation area, do not enter 30 as the key. Instead choose key 32 (sum of keys for currency type and valuation type).


You must have defined your depreciation areas Defining depreciation areas.

Standard settings

The depreciation areas delivered in the standard system do not support any parallel currencies in the general ledger.


Assign a currency type to the depreciation areas that corresponds to the given parallel currency.

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