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inserting timestamp value in table using parameter binding from SQLDBC


I am trying to insert a timestamp value into the table HOTEL.EMPLOYEE (I have added a new column of type TIMESTAMP called JOINDATE) by doing binding of parameter.

This is how the code looks:

//First i create a prepared statement like this....assume connection is already established.

SQLDBC_PreparedStatement *stmt = SQLDBC_Connection_createPreparedStatement(conn);

char *tempstr = "INSERT INTO HOTEL.EMPLOYEE VALUES (10, 1234, 'Mr', 'Raja', 'Santosh Panda',2000,?)";

rc = SQLDBC_PreparedStatement_prepare(stmt, tempstr, strlen(tempstr),encodAsciiType );

// Then i do binding like this:

int LengthIndicator = 20;

void *paramAddr = new char[26];

SQLDBC_PreparedStatement_bindParameter (stmt, 1, SQLDBC_HOSTTYPE_ASCII, paramAddr, &LengthIndicator, 20, SQLDBC_TRUE);

// Set the value in the ponter like this

memcpy(paramAddr,"2008-07-18 10:10:10",sizeof("2008-07-18 10:10:10"));

// Try to execute

rc = SQLDBC_PreparedStatement_executeASCII(stmt);

if(SQLDBC_OK != rc) {

SQLDBC_ErrorHndl *errHndl = SQLDBC_PreparedStatement_getError(stmt);

fprintf(stderr, "Got Execute Error %s \n", SQLDBC_ErrorHndl_getErrorText(errHndl));

return (1);


//This is the error i get

Got Execute Error POS(1) Invalid timestamp format:ISO

Can anyone help ??



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Former Member replied

Following code snippet works at my site:

DDL: create table ttk1 (id int, ts timestamp)

        int LengthIndicator = 26;
        void *paramAddr = new char[26];

        tc_errorcheck(ps1)->prepare("INSERT INTO ttk1 VALUES (2, ?)", SQLDBC_StringEncodingAscii);
        tc_errorcheck(ps1)->bindParameter( 1, SQLDBC_HOSTTYPE_ASCII, paramAddr, &LengthIndicator, 26);

// Set the value in the ponter like this 
memcpy(paramAddr,"2008-07-18 10:10:10.000000",sizeof("2008-07-18 10:10:10.000000"));
// Try to execute

        connection()->commit ();

SQL_TIMESTAMP_STRUCT is a common ODBC type and is defined in sqltypes.h (a header file from ODBC):

typedef struct tagTIMESTAMP_STRUCT
        SQLSMALLINT    year;
        SQLUSMALLINT   month;
        SQLUSMALLINT   day;
        SQLUSMALLINT   hour;
        SQLUSMALLINT   minute;
        SQLUSMALLINT   second;
        SQLUINTEGER    fraction;


sqldbc_cons s a

s a = show all

reports, how the trace is configured and where it is written to.

HTH & regards Thomas

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