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SRM-MDM AS Java Sizing

I have some sizing questions regarding the SRM-MDM NW AS Java instance.

In the document "Sizing SRM-MDM Catalog 2.0 SP03" the following equation is provided for calculating memory requirements for the NW AS Java server:

Fixed Memory = CMULANG*CAT + 50MB

C = fixed memory contant (~ 15mb per 100k items in catalog)

MU = number of MDM users

LANG = number of languages for concurrent connections

CAT = number of catalogs

It is unclear whether these variables are for all catalogs or for each catalog. I would assume that since there is a multiplier for the number of catalogs (CAT) that the rest of the parameters are for each catalog.

With that assumption I would have the following values for my system. Can anyone confirm that I am interpreting the meaning of the variables correctly?

C is based on the number of items I have per catalog (not total), in my case 1000items/catalog. So C= .15 MB

MU is the number of MDM users where an MDM user is defined in the document as: "the user who is maintained in the URL of the catalog. The available MDM users can be seen in the MDM Console. Only those users who have role Catalog User assigned can access the SRM-MDM Catalog." I am not sure why more than one MDM users would be needed so I am using the value 1.

LANG is the number of languages for concurrent connections. Is this per catalog or for all catalogs? If I assume all I would guess that I might have 5 separate languages at any given time.

CAT in my case is a very large number as we have a large amount of small catalogs (~250).

Fixed Memory = .15MB * 1 * 5 * 250 + 50MB = 237.5MB

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