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Performance Evaluation


how can I fix this error? Reporting solution manager

Performance Overview

The performance of your system was analyzed with respect to average response times and total workload. We have detected some problems that may impair system performance.

To ensure adequate performance in your core business transactions, you should take corrective action as soon as possible. For further information, please SAP Support.

Rating Check

Performance Evaluation

The following table shows the average response times for various task types:

Task type Dialog Steps Avg. Resp. Time in ms Avg. CPU Time in ms Avg. Wait Time in ms Avg. Load Time in ms Avg. DB Time in ms Avg. GUI Time in ms

DIALOG 786296 815,3 88,1 0,5 1,0 431,4 269,0

RFC 148322 511,1 52,2 1,3 1,3 90,4 0,0

UPDATE 94797 250,0 45,8 0,3 1,8 210,8 0,0

UPDATE2 78221 223,2 32,2 0,3 1,0 194,4 0,0

BATCH 904508 5589,9 114,7 0,2 3,2 178,9 0,0

SPOOL 29526 449,8 27,1 5,8 0,0 29,5 0,0

HTTP 30226 4,8 4,2 0,2 0,0 0,0 0,0

4.1 Current Workload

The following table lists the number of current users (measured from our workload analysis) in your system.

Users Low Activity Medium Activity High Activity Total Users

Measured in System 69 250 51 370

4.2 Performance Evaluation

The measured times are compared against reference times to provide a rating.

- If the number of dialog steps in an hour is less than 1000 this hour is not considered.

- If the total number of transaction steps is less than 24000, the rating for the task is not performed and a blue line is entered in the table.

The table below shows that a performance problem is expected for the task that is rated YELLOW.

Task Steps Application Server Performance Database Server Performance

Dia 786296

Upd 94797

HTTP 30226

Rating Task Time Steps Avg. Response Time (ms) Avg. CPU Time (ms) Avg. Database Time (ms)

Dia 00-06 1869 929 117 610

Dia 06-07 10400 1586 115 1246

Dia 18-19 32627 977 72 651

The ratings in the table above are determined by comparisons against the reference table below.

If the dialog response times are very poor, it will cause a RED rating for the entire check.

Task Reference for Avg. Response Time (ms) Reference for Avg. DB time (ms)

Dia 1200 600

Upd 2400 1200

HTTP 1200 600

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