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"Compound" WPC Elements

On my project I am creating some custom web forms. We have a desire to create, for lack of a better term, a "compound" element. Let me try to explain:

I have a page where we will have a list of items. Each item will contain a photo, link, and some descriptive text line items.

If I were to define this as a single web form I'd create an elements area that looks like this:

  <element  id="leadername" 
	    type="inputfield" size="75" 
	    default="true" singleinstance="true" 
	    nodelete="true" />
  <element  id="image" 
	    type="imageselect" default="true" 
  <element  id="leaderole" 
	    type="inputfield" size="100" 
	    default="true" singleinstance="true" 
	    nodelete="true" />
  <element  id="isexecutive" 
	    default="true" singleinstance="true" 
	    nodelete="true" />

I realize we can do this by creating an element of each of these types and creating a template that could hold 50 or 60 of these items, but I think that's overkill. It also requires the page author to do far too much dragging and dropping.

What I'd prefer to do is create a new element that encapsulates these four fields and allows for the author to add new "leaders".

If I could wrap the four elements above inside an element, the element could be repeated and sorted so that the user gets a single form and simply adds as many leaders as they need. Just like a link list, only with these custom items.

So to that end I have the following questions:

Is this possible? If so, are there additional steps required to define this compound element?

Is there a DTD or an XML Schema for these xml documents so I can understand what I can and cannot do? If there is, where is it stored?

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