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Can Grow Vertical Alignment Error in Embedded Report View, but not in .PDF


I have seen postings about this issue before, but have yet to find a solution.

I am using Visual Studio 2008 w/ the basic version of Crystal Reports that is included.

I have a simple report that displays results of a stored procedure as rows across the report. One field can be of variable length, anywhere from 0 to 100 characters. Usually it's something reasonable (less than 40 chars), and so I have only given it so much width in the report. For when it is longer than that, I turned the "Can Grow" property ON, and set the Maximum Number of Lines property to 0.

When the report displays embedded in my Web Form, and this field's data is wider than the space I have allowed, it breaks the data down into multiple lines of the same correct width, as you'd expect, but those lines end up displaced vertically upward several rows, and print directly on top of other data from the above rows, make the report unreadable in that area (and quite ugly overall!).

If I export this report to a .PDF, it displays perfectly, without the vertical displacement error.

Anyone know what the official work is on this? Is there a fix or is this a bug?

If there is no fix, does anyone know how to direct the report to the .PDF file viewer, so the embedded report remains invisible (and thus hides the ugly error), but the user has the .PDF version to see? My client ultimately wants to export the report to .PDF, which I have already coded, but it does not open the .PDF Viewer, just saves the report to disk. However, if I use the Crystal built-in Export button, it first displays a pop-up asking which format to export to, then if .PDF is chosen and okay is clicked, the pop-up switches to contain the .PDF Viewer, and opens the report. In my user-defined export code, the .PDF is correctly created, but I am missing the step on how to open the .PDF Viewer.

Any ideas?

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