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Problem with Component Allocation during Production Confirmation

I have the following situation.

I have a Routing for an assembly that has 9 operations (Operation 0010 through 0090). I did Component Allocation, so all operations have some of the components from the assembly's BOM. Operations 0080 do not require confirmation, and the last one (0090)is a milestone confirmation.

The idea is to confirm each Production Order only once on the last operation and have all previous ones be confirmed automatically via the milestone. However, the component allocation allows us to confirm Scrap in individual operations and thus withdraw the components used in that particular one.

Here's the problem. If I manually confirm scrap on one of the operations; later when I confirm production on it, it doesn't backflush any components from the operation where I manually reported scrap on.

For example, I reported 1 piece of scrap in operation 0020, it backflushes the components allocated to that operation, This is OK

Then I confirm production of 10 pieces in the milestone operation 0090, it backflushes every component from every operation except the ones in operation 0020.

Can this be avoided? I need to have the components of operation 0020 backflushed as well, since I only reported Scrap on 0020, not production.

I read on this page (, that manually confirmed operations are not affected by milestone confirmations; but in this case, this is not production, this is scrap; I don't understand why the components are being skipped as well.

Any suggestions?

Former Member
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