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SAP Solution Manager on CentOs 5.2 AMD x86_64 with Oracle


Yesterday I have installed sap solution manager on CentOS 5.2 with little difficulty... SO I want to share all installation steps in brief... ignore errors and mistakes if any....

System Configuration:

AMD X64 6000+ processor



CentOS 5.2 including all updates.

Installing SAP Solutions manager SR8 on CentOS 5.2 X86_64

1.Installing CentOs 5.2 with your preferred partition sizes with SWAP space at lease of 20GB

2.After installing CentOs and if you haven't installed development tools go to applications-->Add/remove Software and install all required development tools like gc++, perl, java etc..

3.Remove dhcp configuration and use static IP and <13 characters hostname:

In my case it is solmgr

4.Get JDK 1.4.2 form IBM

5.Go to downloaded directory & rpm -ivh ibm.jdk-XXXXXXXXXXX.rpm; which will install IBM jdk into your /opt dir.

6.Edit /etc/profile and add

JAVA_HOME = /opt/IBM_XXX_JAVA(use exact dir name here)



7.After adding that run # source /ect/profile

8.Edit /etc/sysctl.conf to set kernal parameters listed bellow( if some or not there add them)

See SAP note 941735 and related notes before setting kernal parameters....




kernel.sem=1250 256000 100 1024


9. Run /sbin/sysctl -p to take kernal parameters effect.

10. Get latest sap locales ie 2.5.2 from and install

while installing sap locales you will get some warning related to japanees lang. you can ignore that...

11. (optional) #cd /usr/bin

#ln -s /opt/IBM_XXX_java/bin/java java

#ln -s /opt/IBM_XXX_java/bin/javac javac

12. By Default CentOS installer will put SELinux in enforcing mode, please disable using System --> Administration

-->Security Level and Firwall -->Select SELnux tab and disable (which will create problems while creating users and groups)

13. Run SAPInst like bellow...

#mkdir -p /tmp/install

  1. cd /tmp/install

  1. /<ur solmgr dump>/<inst_MSTR>/SAPInst

12. At GUI browse and map all Kernal, Oracle, OrcleClient, export dvds etc..

Accept all typical parameters

For Oracle / Central Instance it will be 46 steps and wait until installer asks for oracle installation

******************Installing oracle 10G*************

13. instead Su <ora><Sid> use ssh -X <ora><si>@<ur ip>

eg: # ssh -X orasa1@


  1. cd /oracle/stage/102_64/database/install

  1. vim oraparam.ini

change line redhat-3, SuSE-9, redhat-4, UnitedLinux-1.0, asianux-1 or asianux-2 to

redhat-3, SuSE-9, redhat-4,redhat-5, UnitedLinux-1.0, asianux-1 or asianux-2

Save changes..

this step puts your centOs in checked OS List other wise you oracle installer wont come up....

  1. cd /oracle/stage/102_64/database/SAP


14. Install oracle patch as described in installation doc... before doing this step go to respective oraparam.ini and add redhat-5 to list

15. Follow instructions on SAPInst...

16. Installation will complete...

17. do post installion steps as mentioned in installtaion doc...

18. Now your solmgr is ready..

19. TO check installed system su as <sid>adm --> stopsap

#su ora<sid>

#lsnrctl start

#su <sid>adm


19. (Optional) install SAP GUI for windows/java to connect to ur solmgr...

/nSGEN to pre-compile objects which will imporve performance...

All the best!

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