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Web service appears to be ignoring values for destination and parameters.

I'm on my long trek trying to get a report to export programatically from CRS2008 to a pdf in a folder. The good news is I'm almost done. The bad news is I can't seem to figure out where I'm going wrong. I've cobbled together some code and it works (doesn't die). The only problem is whatever I set the destination to be it always gets overridden by the defaults in the report. The same goes for the parameters.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,


code is below.

    protected void TestSub2()
        // Document path
        string crPath = "path://InfoObjects/Root Folder/WWE Reports/rtodbc3" + "@SI_SCHEDULEINFO,SI_PROCESSINFO";
        // Enterprise Web Services URL and Login Credentials.
        string boSessionURL = "";

        string boCMSName = "myorgani-1cf481";

        string boAuthType = "secEnterprise";
        string boUsername = "Administrator";
        string boPassword = "Password";

        Session boSession = null;
            // Logon to Enterprise

            EnterpriseCredential boCredential = new EnterpriseCredential();
            boCredential.Domain = boCMSName;
            boCredential.AuthType = boAuthType;
            boCredential.Login = boUsername;
            boCredential.Password = boPassword;

            boSession = new Session(new BusinessObjects.DSWS.Connection(boSessionURL));

            // Retrieve Document CUID

            BIPlatform biPlatform
                = BIPlatform.GetInstance(boSession, boSession.GetAssociatedServicesURL("BIPlatform")[0]);

            GetOptions getOpts = new GetOptions();
            getOpts.IncludeSecurity = true;

            ResponseHolder rh = biPlatform.Get(crPath, getOpts);

            InfoObjects reports = rh.InfoObjects;

            if (reports == null)

            BusinessObjects.DSWS.BIPlatform.Desktop.CrystalReport myReport = (BusinessObjects.DSWS.BIPlatform.Desktop.CrystalReport)reports.InfoObject[0];
            SchedulingInfo schedulingInfo = myReport.SchedulingInfo;
            if (schedulingInfo == null)
                schedulingInfo = new SchedulingInfo();

            //start put in parameters
            ReportProcessingInfo procInfo = myReport.PluginProcessingInterface;
            ReportParameter[] repParams = procInfo.ReportParameters;
            CurrentValues oCurrentValues = new CurrentValues();
            BusinessObjects.DSWS.BIPlatform.Desktop.PromptValue[] oPromptValue = new BusinessObjects.DSWS.BIPlatform.Desktop.PromptValue[1];
            oPromptValue[0] = new BusinessObjects.DSWS.BIPlatform.Desktop.PromptValue();
            oPromptValue[0].Data = "2";
            oCurrentValues.CurrentValue = oPromptValue;
            repParams[0].CurrentValues = oCurrentValues;
            // end put in parameters

            //start put in for scheduling parameters...
            Destination[] oDestination = new Destination[1];
            oDestination[0] = new Destination();
            oDestination[0].Name = "CrystalEnterprise.DiskUnmanaged";
            BusinessObjects.DSWS.BIPlatform.Dest.DiskUnmanagedScheduleOptions diskOptions = new BusinessObjects.DSWS.BIPlatform.Dest.DiskUnmanagedScheduleOptions();
            String[] destinationFile = new String[1];
            destinationFile[0] = "C:\\" + myReport.Name + ".rpt";
            diskOptions.DestinationFiles = destinationFile;
            schedulingInfo.Destinations = oDestination;
            //end put in for scheduling parameters...

            schedulingInfo.RightNow = true;
            schedulingInfo.ScheduleType = ScheduleTypeEnum.ONCE;

            BusinessObjects.DSWS.BIPlatform.Desktop.ReportProcessingInfo reportProcessingInfo = new ReportProcessingInfo();
            BusinessObjects.DSWS.BIPlatform.Desktop.CrystalReportFormatOptions crystalReportFormatOptions;

            crystalReportFormatOptions = new CrystalReportFormatOptions();
            crystalReportFormatOptions.Format = ReportFormatEnum.PDF;
            crystalReportFormatOptions.FormatSpecified = true;

            reportProcessingInfo.ReportFormatOptions = crystalReportFormatOptions;
            myReport.PluginProcessingInterface = reportProcessingInfo;
            myReport.SchedulingInfo = schedulingInfo;
            reports.InfoObject[0] = myReport;


            Response.Write("hey it worked!");

        catch (DSWSException ex)
        { Console.WriteLine(ex); }

            if (boSession != null)


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