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Ignore Production order if sales order exits

Hi Experts

I want to check some validation for sales order , The system goes in this way ...I have to modify in this way

we are extracting the command orders from Command QC System and inserting into SAP . Once it is extracted the Interface coding was extract sales order, production order etc.,

Now I want to check only those records in which category are ZTAN. because some time in our company they will sold pigments which does not contain production order directly it will check for qty and delivered to customer.

Select * from VBAP where VBELN = 'SALES ORDER' and

MATNR = 'Material nO' and


This is because it should not check the production order in AFPO table it must directly go to create deliveries etc for that I created to check sales order ignoring production order So can anyone help me to modify the below coding to check only sales order bu

                                                • SALES ORDER EXITS MODIFICATION****************


*& Form find_sap_salord Exits


  • Find an SAP production order for a material.


  • -->P_IN_STRING COMMAND order number

  • -->P_MATERIAL_IN Material number in

  • -->P_SITE_IN Material number in

  • <--P_OUT_SALEORD Sales order number

  • <--P_OUT_MATERIAL Material number out

  • <--P_OUT_ORDER Production order number


form look_sap_saleord using p_in_string "

p_material_in " Material No exits

p_site_in " plant

changing p_out_saleord " sales order

p_out_material " Material No

p_out_order " Prod Order

p_out_wemng " Qty of Goods Rec for Order Item

p_out_psmng. " Ordered Qty Item

data: lva_prodord like afpo-aufnr, " Production Order

lva_prodmat like afpo-matnr, " Material Number

lva_saleord like vbkd-vbeln, " Sales Order

lva_pstyv like vbap-pstyv, " Category

lva_wemng like afpo-wemng, " Quantity of goods received for the order item

lva_psmng like afpo-psmng, " Ordered Qty Item

lva_count type i. " counter validation

  • ihrez_e Ship to party

  • select vbeln from vbkd into vbkd-vbeln

  • where ihrez_e eq p_in_string.

select vbeln from vbap into vbap-vbeln

where vbeln eq p_in_string.

  • Is the order for the specified plant?

select vbeln from vbap into vbap-vbeln

where vbeln eq vbap-vbeln and

matnr eq vbap-p_material_in and

pstyv in ('ZTAN')

and werks eq p_site_in.

  • The order is for the specified plant.

lva_saleord = vbap-vbeln.



  • Exit when an order for this plant has been found.

if not lva_saleord is initial.




check not lva_saleord is initial.

select count(*) into lva_count from afpo

where kdauf = lva_saleord.

if lva_count eq 1.

select aufnr matnr wemng psmng

into (lva_prodord, lva_prodmat, lva_wemng, lva_psmng) from afpo

where kdauf = lva_saleord.




select aufnr matnr wemng psmng

into (lva_prodord, lva_prodmat, lva_wemng, lva_psmng) from afpo

where kdauf = lva_saleord

and matnr = p_material_in.




move: lva_saleord to p_out_saleord,

lva_prodord to p_out_order,

lva_prodmat to p_out_material,

lva_psmng to p_out_psmng,

lva_wemng to p_out_wemng.

endform. " find_sap_prodord

                                                            • END OF MODIFICATION 22/09/2008*******

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