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Dear Friends,

I want to know what are all SD reports one can use to get different types of data. e.g. MCTA,MCTG.

Only transactions are sufficient I will find out other details.

Moreover my client is pharma company. They have 45 customers in one city. 2-3 customers are handled by one sales representative. 20 representative form one sales group. client want a report which can give compiled report of each sales representative separately( i.e. 2-3 customer).

Pl help me.



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I have other solution for u.

Check t-code SDMO.

With help of this t-code you can serach any t-code for report and transaction.

Just enter text for your report and execute system give u list of t-code.

Other wise use SAP1 t-code for any report of any module.

Also refer below list,

Sales Order Management Transactions


Creating Sales Order - VA01

Maintaining a Sales Order - VA02

Displaying a Sales Order - VA03

Releasing an Order or Delivery from Credit Hold: Non-Flooring - VKM1

Display List of RMAs by Customer - VA05

Confirm RMA Goods Receipt - VL02

Generate list of open return orders for deletion - VA05

Display Customer returns eligibility - MCSI

Removing a Billing Block (Approving Credit/Debit Requests) - V.23


Create Pricing - VK11

Creating a Sales Deal - VB21

Maintaining a Sales Deal - VB22

Displaying a Sales Deal - VB23

Maintaining Prices - VK12

Displaying Prices - VK13


Creating Material Substitution Master Data - VB11

Maintaining/Deleting Material Substitution Master Data - VB12

Displaying Material Substitution Master Data - VB13

Creating a Bundled Master - MM01

Creating a Sales BOM - CS01

Maintaining a Sales BOM - CS02

Displaying a Sales BOM - CS03


Creating Partner Records - XD01

Maintaining Customer Master Data - XD02

Displaying Customer Master Data - XD03

Deactivating a Partner - VD06


Creating/Maintaining New Customer Credit Information - FD32

Displaying Customer Credit Information - FD33

Blocking or Unblocking a Customer - VD05


Creating a Delivery - VL01N

Displaying a Delivery - VL03N

Deleting a Delivery - VL02N

Shipment Inquiry / Display - VT03

Adjusting Transfer Order - Confirmation Quantity - LT12

Collectively Confirm Transfer Order - LT25

Batch Shipment Confirmation - VL19

Creating Service Provider/Carrier Master Data - XK01

Maintaining Serive Provider/Carrier Master Data - XK02

Displaying Service Provider/Carrier Master Data - XK03

Maintaining Product Master/Serial # Profile/Unit of Measure/Shipping Unit - MM02

IDoc Inquiry - WE02 / WE05


Invoicing a Customer Shipment - VF01

Reprinting an Invoice - VF31

Releasing a Sales Order for Billing - V.23

Creating an Invoice by Using the Billing Due List - VF04

Checking Open Billing Documents - VF05

Create Credit/Debit Memo - FB01


Controlling Total Debit/Credit bkgs - F.03

Generate FI Account balance - F.08

Generate Month-to-date Inv. register - F.02

Process payments - FBZ1

Rqst Individual Customer Corresp. - FB12

Generate Customer Correspondence - F.61

Enter Batch totals under Control ttl - FB07

Display G/L Acct. totals - FBL3N

Reverse Posted Amounts - FB08

Customer Refunds - FBL6

Customer Refund to other than Payer - FB05

Clearing Debit/Credit on Cust. acct. - FB1D

Customer Balance in Local Currency - F.23

G/L Account Balance Report - F.08

Create Invoice - legal entity adjust - FB01

Generate Cust. Acct. statements - F.27

Generate Dunning Letters - F150

Generate Billing Due List - VF04

Generate Blocked Billing Doc list - VFX3

Inq. via Credit Release Screen - VKM1

List orders by partner - VA05

Past Due invoices by customer - FD11

Check number info by G/L account - FBL3N

Display customer Line items - FBL5N

The most frequently used transaction codes are as follows:

1. VS00 - Master data

2. VC00 - Sales Support

3. VA00 - Sales

4. VL00 - Shipping

5. VT00 - Transportation

6. VF00 - Billing

Others as follows:

At Configuration:

1. VOV8 - Define Sales documents type (header)

2. OVAZ - Assigning Sales area to sales documents type

3. OVAU - Order reasons

4. VOV4 - Assign Item categoreies(Item cat determination)

5. VOV6 - Scedule line categories

6. OVAL - To assign blocks to relevant sales documents type

7. OVLK - Define delivery types

8. V/06 - Pricing

9. V/08 - Maintain pricing procedure

10.OVKP - Pricing proc determination

11.V/07 - Access sequence


1. Customer Master Creation-VD01 and XD01 (for full inclu company code)

VD02 - Change Customer

VD03 - Display Customer

VD04 - Customer Account Changes

VD06 - Flag for Deletion Customer

XD01 - Create Customer

XD02 - Modify Customer

XD03 - Display Customer

2. Create Other material -


3. VB11- To create material determination condition record

4. CO09- Material availability Overview

5. VL01 - Create outbound delivery with ref sales order

6. VL04 - Collective processing of delivery

7. VA11 - Create Inquiry

VA12 - Change Inquiry

VA13 - Display Inquiry

Finance Transactions

Master Data: G/L--01.1

Creating / maintain a G/L Account - FS01

Displaying a G/L Account - FS03

Mark a G/L Account for Deletion - FS06

General Ledger: Posting--01.2

Display G/L Account Balances - FS10

Display G/L Account Line Items - FBL3N

Updating G/L Posting Periods - F-60

Posting to a G/L Account - F-02

Process recurring documents - F.14

Intercompany Process--01.3

Clearing Intercompany Receivables - FBZ1

Clearing Intercompany Payables - FBZ2

Month-End Close Activity--02.1

Month end accruals - FBS1

Creating Sample Document Transactions - FBR2

Preparing Data--02.3

Generating the Compact Journal Report - F.02

Posting/Reversing assesment - KSU5

Revaluing Open Items - F.05

Revaluing FC Managed Accounts - F.06

Maintaining Currency Rates - SM30

Finance Reporting/Verification--02.4

Reconciling FI-GLX - GCAC

Working with the Income Statement - GR55

Working with the Balance Sheet - GR55


Maintaining Fiscal Calendars - 0B29

Performing Asset Accounting Fiscal Year End Closing - AJAB

Performing Asset Accounting Fiscal Year End Change - AJRW

Carrying Forward Balances - F.07

Carrying Forward G/L Account Balances - F.16

Carrying Forward GLX Account Balances - FYTR


Pre-Close A/P--04.1

Generate AP report - F.41

Non-PO Related Invoice--04.2

Handling vendor inquiries - FK10

Processing an Invoice - F-43

Displaying check register report - FCHN

Canceling Payment - FCH8

Processing a Credit Memo - F-41

Non-Inventory Procurement--04.3

Posting Manual Payments - FBZ2

Processing a Credit Memo - MRHG

Responding to Mail from Purchasing - S001

Releasing Blocked Invoices Automatically - MR02


Master Data--05.1

Creating an Asset Master - AS01

Maintaining an Asset Master - AS02

Displaying an Asset Master - AS03

Creating the Distribution for Asset Settlement - AIAB

Displaying Asset Values - AW01

Blocking or Deleting an Asset - AS05/AS06

Displaying Asset Master Changes - AS04

Capital Asset Retirement--05.2 ABA0

Acquire Fixed Asset--05.3

Acquisition Posting - ABZO

Posting an Intercompany Asset Acquisition - AB01

Posting: Reversing Settlement of AUC - AIST

Maintain Fixed Asset Control Data--05.4

Asset Transfer - ABUM

Periodic Processing--05.5

Posting Depreciation - AFAB


Cost Centers: Master Data--07.1

Displaying Standard Hierarchy - OKEO

Creating/Maintaining Cost Center Group - KSH1/KSH2

Displaying a Cost Center Group or Alternate Hierarchy - KSH3

Creating a Cost Center - KS01

Deleting a Cost Center - KS04

Creating/Maintaining Automatic Account Assignments - OKB9

Generating the Cost Center Master Data Report - OKW8

Cost Elements: Master Data--07.2

Create/ maintain cost elements - KA01

Creating/Maintaining Cost Element Groups - KAH1/KAH2

Cost Centers: Allocations--07.3

Create/Maintain an Assessment Cycle, Segment & Tracing Factor - KSU1

Cost Centers: Reporting--07.4

Displaying Cost Center Actual Line Items - KSB1

Displaying Cost Center Commitment Line Items - KSB2

Displaying CO Document: Single-Line Item - KSB5

Displaying CO Document: Selection - KALR


Creating an Internal Order - K001

Creating Internal Order Groups - K0H1

Running a Report from Report Selection Menu: Orders - KOC2

Materials Management Transactions


Create Material Master - MM01

Maintaining Material Master - MM02

Display Material Master - MM03

Changing Material Type - MMAM

Flagging a Material for Deletion - MM06

Schedule Material for Deletion - MM16



Create, Change Display Vendor Master- Centrally/Purchasing and Accounting/Company - XK01/XK02/XK03


Create a Non-PO related/One time/Employee Vendor Master - FK01

Maintain a Non-PO related / One time/ Employee Vendor Master - FK02

Display a Non-PO related / One time/ Employee Vendor Master - FK03

Invoice Items Release- Block/Unblock - MR02

Create a Non-Inventory PO Vendor Master (Centrally) - XK01



Create /Display / Maintain /Delete Source List - ME01


Create / Change / Display Info Records - ME11


Display Purch Req. with ref to Mat Master - ME53

Create Purchase Order - ME21N

Change Purchase Order - ME22N

Print PO for Stock Item - ME90

Create/ Change/ Display Shipping Notification - VL31

Execute List Display/Open PO Report - ME2L

Create,Change, Print Purch Requisition w/ & w/o Mat'l Mastr; Assign Sources - ME51/ ME56/ME57

Executing a List Display of Purchase requisition - ME5A

Purchase Req- Collective Release - ME55

Purchase Req- Individual Release - ME54

Display vendor line items - FBL1N

Display Reqs by Acct Assignment - ME5K

Create/Change/Display/Print Goods receipt ; perform adjustment; return delivery - MB01/MB02/MB03

Create/ Change/ Display Shipping Notification - VL31/VL32/VL33


Create cycle count documents - LX26

Print count documents - LI04

Enter counts - LI11/ MI04

Create Recount Request - MI11

Enter Recounts - LI14

Generate List of Qty/Val differences - MI20

Post Differneces in WM / IM - LI21 / MI07


Create/Reverse Financial Reserve - FB01

Change Material Status - MB1B

Scrapping Material - MB1A


Processing Inventory Invoice Receipts - MRHR

Reverse/Cancel Invoice Receipt - MR08

Credit Memo (PO related) - MRHG

Release Blocked Invoices - MR02


Mahesh Wagh

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