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Can not delete job for BW process chain.

I can't kill or cancel this job.

this job status keeping "Killing" during 2 days.

sub-job was completed.

How can I force delete this job?


Job 29006 - CCMS job BI_PROCESS_ODSACTIVAT (GBD/100) Actions


Job Id 29006

Parent Job 29005 - BW Process X0DMMB52_ACTIVATE (GBD/100)

Definition SAP_CcmsJob

Comment This job represents a monitored SAP batch job. The SAP batch job runs under control of the SAP batch system.

Owner Subject Redwood System

Status Killing


Name Size

log 23895 Details u2026

Queue GBD_Queue

Process Server GBD_ProcessServer

Forced Process Server GBD_ProcessServer

Priority 50

Start time Requested: Sep 12, 1:43:19 PM, Actual: Sep 12, 1:43:19 PM (0:00:00:000 difference)

Requested Start Time Type User Set

Next Submit Base Time Sep 12, 1:43:19 PM

Scheduled Start Sep 12, 1:43:19 PM

Run time Sep 12, 1:43:19 PM - Sep 12, 1:43:43 PM (0:00:24 elapsed)

Remote Information

Remote System SAP GBD 100

Remote Status Finished


Remote Event RSPROCESS

Remote Creation Time Sep 12, 1:43:00 PM

Remote Run Start Sep 12, 1:43:19 PM

Remote Run End Sep 12, 1:43:43 PM


Job Definition Parameter In Value Out Value


JOBCOUNT 13430000 Details u2026

CLIENT 100 Details u2026


SHOWLOG Y Details u2026

SHOWSPOOL Y Details u2026

DELETE_JOB N Details u2026

Creation Time Sep 12, 1:44:01 PM

Last Modification Time 9:48:41 PM


Edited by: Park Jeonghwan on Sep 19, 2008 3:02 PM

Former Member
Former Member replied

Hi Park,

From what you describe I am assuming that the you had a BW Process Chain running from CPS and then decided to kill it. This autoamtically created a child job that's supposed to stop the Process Chan in SAP that should have, once complete, updated the parent job from it's 'Killing' status to 'Killed'. Now you find that the BW Process Chain in SAP is/was stopped, the CPS child job has also completed and yet your Process Chain job in CPS still has a 'killing' status. Because it is stuck in this status you cannot do anything with it, i.e. none of the scheduling options in the Redwood Explorer are active.

Assuming the above interpretation is correct then you probably have only one option and that is to force an update in the Repository itself. I also assume you're using either v6.x or v7.x.

To confirm the status of the current job in preparation for the update you can do the following query in the Redwood Shell when logged in as SYSJCS:

select status from rws_job$ where job# = <the job number of the job currently in a 'killing' status>;

This should return 1 row and the value for status should be 'G'.

To update the status you can use the following command from the Redwood Shell when logged in as SYSJCS:

update rws_job$ set status = 'K' where job# = <the job number of the job currently in a 'killing' status>;

To confirm your update was successful before finally committing use the first query again..

select status from rws_job$ where job# = <the job number of the job which previously was in a 'killing' status>;

This should return 1 row and the value for status should be 'K'.

You can now commit the change or rollback if you've made a mistake


Normally it is not recommended that CPS users modify any of the underlying tables so you may want to check with support that they are ok with you executing this command.

You may also want to check that you have the latest Service Pack for CPS as this may mitigate this kind of issue from appearing again.



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