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Where can I find "Crystal Type" code examples?

Morning all,

I have tried searching the forums but cant find much (I dont find the search thread function very helpful but that might just be me and is another story for another time).

I am trying to create my own formulars and functions on my report in CR4E, but I am have problems with the code.

Where can I find a tutorial on the basics like converting a date to a string or delcaring a date or changing a string to a date.

In Java one would do something like:

String str_MyString;

str_MyString = "This is a string";

but in a crystal report you do something like (and I might incorrect in even this simple example):

StringVar str_MyString;

str_MyString = "This is a string";

That slight difference of String and StringVar are the things I need to find out.

In VB I can refer to a forms fields with str_MString = me.txt_Field1 but in crystal I dont know how to refer to a current field of the report I am working with.

For example, I have a text box on my report which I have called "txt_MyNumber", I then want a formular or function to use the value that is found in that text box but cant work out to refer to it. I can refer to other formulars but not report fields. Is this even possible?

I know the report field question might be viewed as a whole new question thus thread but I feel they close enough to remain in the same thread.

So any help pointing me in the right direction.

Or am I just an idiot and should rather give up trying to design crystal reports. (Ive been thrown in the very deep end at work so am trying to work everything out all at once with no beginner knowledge)

Thanks all for help and suggestions.



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