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CheckBox Selection

I am having 5 check boxes in my screen..In that last checkbox is SELECT ALL.... If i had selected that checkbox all the other 4 checkboxes shd be selected. if i unchecked that checkbox all the others shd be unchecked...for this i had wrote the source in item event....Here is my source..

 Select Case pVal.EventType
Case SAPbouiCOM.BoEventTypes.et_ITEM_PRESSED
Dim ChkALL As SAPbouiCOM.CheckBox = Conv_Form.Items.Item("chkALL").Specific
Dim Chk1 As SAPbouiCOM.CheckBox = Conv_Form.Items.Item("chk1").Specific
Dim Chk2 As SAPbouiCOM.CheckBox = 
Dim Chk3 As SAPbouiCOM.CheckBox = Conv_Form.Items.Item("chk3").Specific
Dim Chk4 As SAPbouiCOM.CheckBox = Conv_Form.Items.Item("chk4").Specific
    If ChkALL.Checked = "True" Then
       Chk1.Checked = "True"
       Chk2.Checked = "True"
       Chk3.Checked = "True"
       Chk4.Checked = "True"
        Chk1.Checked = "False"
        Chk2.Checked = "False"
        Chk3.Checked = "False"
        Chk4.Checked = "False"
        ChkALL.Checked = "False"
     End If
End Select

What i want is whenever i select the SelectAll checkbox all the other checkboxes should be selected atonce..but in my case, the checkboxes are checked one by one.....

Wats the solution for this.....



I would work with the Check boxes via DataSources (it' always a good idea to bind everything on a form with DataSources - if ther's no DBDataSource or DataTable then using a UserDataSource)

In your case with UserDataSources I would try:

            ' Global Vars of your form:
            Private Shared oForm As SAPbouiCOM.Form ' Set to your form on initializing the form
            Private Shared oUds As SAPbouiCOM.UserDataSources ' Set to the forms UserDataSources on initializing the form

            ' Init. and Databinding the Checkboxes: 
            oChk = oForm.Items.Item("ChkALL").Specific
            oChk.ValOff = "N"
            oChk.ValOn = "Y"

            oChk = oForm.Items.Item("Chk1").Specific
            oChk.ValOff = "N"
            oChk.ValOn = "Y"
            '       :     
            '       :
            ' ...same with chk2-chk4

            oUds.Add("UDS_ChkAll", SAPbouiCOM.BoDataType.dt_SHORT_TEXT, 1)
            oForm.Items.Item("ChkALL").Specific.databind.setbound(True, "", "UDS_ChkAll")
            '       :     
            '       :
            ' ...same with chk1-chk4

And in your function or event-handler (for item ChkAll with ItemPressed and NOT BeforeAction):

    If oUds.Item("UDS_ChkALL").ValueEx = "Y" Then
       oUds.Item("UDS_Chk1").ValueEx = "Y"
       oUds.Item("UDS_Chk2").ValueEx = "Y"
       oUds.Item("UDS_Chk3").ValueEx = "Y"
       oUds.Item("UDS_Chk4").ValueEx = "Y"
       oUds.Item("UDS_Chk1").ValueEx = "N"
       oUds.Item("UDS_Chk2").ValueEx = "N"
       oUds.Item("UDS_Chk3").ValueEx = "N"
       oUds.Item("UDS_Chk4").ValueEx = "N"
       ' This should not be needed: oUds.Item("UDS_ChkALL").ValueEx = "N"
     End If

Attention: this is written from my head an not tested yet. There may be some little mistakes but in principle it should be ok.

Edited by: Roland Toschek on Sep 19, 2008 3:10 PM

Edited by: Roland Toschek on Sep 19, 2008 3:14 PM

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