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WS14000088 one-step Approval of contracts

Dear SRM Friends,

I have problem with finding the right approver for my workflow 14000088 one-step approval of contracts.

The process is easy:

My purchaser with user role: SAP_EC_BBP_PURCHASER should create the contract. Afterwards my Manager1 with user role: SAP_BBP_STAL_PURCHASER_MANAGER should approve this contract.

Beside I have to say, that my Manager stands above serval organisational units - but he is the only one - who has this role SAP_BBP_STAL_PURCHASER. And in my workflow this role ist determined.

So I aspect that my Manager1 will be displayd in Approval Preview - but it didn´t. Instead of that there appears the Manager2 of the organisational unit of my Purchaser.

But how can that be? Manager2 did´nt have the role SAP_BBP_STAL_PURCHASER.

I have checked following transaktions:

bbppd with BUS2000113_

with result:

workflow item:

workitem - ID: 79856

Task: WS14000088

Text: one-step approval of contracts

Status: started

Statustext: in process

Node ID: 000000023

Agent: Mr xyz

User: Manager2

State: Ready


Created at: 18.09.2009

Finished at: "Blank"

Discription: First Approval

Node ID: 000000092

Agent. "Blank"

User: "Blank"

State / Worktitem:No workitem found

Created at: "Blank"

Finished at: "Blank"

Discription: New Approval

OOCU ( Assign Agents ):



SWDD ( Workflow Builder ):


TS14007969 first approval

here I wanted to add my Agent "Manager1" but I get following message:

"general task can be edited by all user"

PPOSABBP ( organisational Model ):_

Attributes for my Manager1


Transaction Type: Contracts / ID: CT_PROC_TY / Value: PCTR

So - I don´t have any ideas what to do.

I would be glad If someone have any ideas.....

Best Regards

Former Member


The approver for one-step approval of contracts is determined from the org structure as the manager of the user that creates the contract. So this is working correctly for you since manager2 is the org manager. The check on the agents of the task also occurs and since this is set to general, then manager2 will always be selected. Basically the intersection between the agents of the task and the org unit manager will be selected. If you change the agent of the task to have the SAP_BBP_STAL_PURCHASER role, then you will get an error when creating the contract since no approver will be found.

If you want to have the approver determined in a different way then you would need to use the n-step approval badi workflow for contract, WS14000148. This will allow you to determine the approver using your own code.

By the way, if you want to change the agents for the task, then display the task in PFTC. Goto

Additional Data ->

Agent Assignment ->

Maintain ->

Click on Attrributes ->

Select radio button -> Forwarding not allowed ->

Now Select from the menu -> Agent Assignment -> Create

You should now be able to add a role.

Hope this helps.

Kind regards,


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