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J2EE Engine does not start, not updated....


yesterday we have solve a problem in the config of of our engine. The MaxHeapSize of the dispatcher was to smal for -Xms.

Then the Engine works fine.

Later we must restart the whole system (APAP&JAVA) and i have the same problem in the file.

I started the configtool and fix it in the DB and in the file.

Now we renamed the file and restarted the system. The file should wrote from DB like SAP Note 736557. But it dosn't.

But we have several problems too. If i restart only the java instance no jvm_bootstrap.out, dev_bootstrap, jvm_bootstrap.out or std_bootstrap.out, dev_jcontrol will be written.

They write new only when we restart the whole system.

OS: AIX 5.3


Is someone, who know something about this issue?

here are the trace files from the whole system start...

( please note that the file is not correct, but the entries in the DB are )


[Thr 01] JStartupICreateProcess: fork process (pid 716902)

[Thr 01] Thu Sep 18 10:31:24 2008
[Thr 01] *** ERROR => invalid return code of process [bootstrap] (exitcode = 66) [jstartxx_mt. 1642]
[Thr 01] JControlExecuteBootstrap: error executing bootstrap node [bootstrap] (rc = 66)
[Thr 01] JControlCloseProgram: started (exitcode = 66)
[Thr 01] JControlCloseProgram: good bye... (exitcode = 66)


[Thr 772] Thu Sep 18 10:31:23 2008
[Thr 772] JLaunchIExitJava: exit hook is called (rc = 66)
[Thr 772] **********************************************************************
*** ERROR => The Java VM terminated with a non-zero exit code.
*** Please see SAP Note 943602 , section 'J2EE Engine exit codes'
*** for additional information and trouble shooting.
[Thr 772] SigISetIgnoreAction : SIG_IGN for signal 20
[Thr 772] JLaunchCloseProgram: good bye (exitcode = 66)


Thu Sep 18 10:31:20 2008
J2EE server info
  start = TRUE
  state = STARTED
  pid = 1126604
  argv[0] = /usr/sap/BW3/DVEBMGS00/exe/jcontrol
  argv[1] = jcontrol
  argv[2] = pf=/usr/sap/BW3/SYS/profile/BW3_DVEBMGS00_sapbw3
  argv[3] = -DSAPSTART=1
  argv[4] = -DCONNECT_PORT=64990
  argv[5] = -DSAPSYSTEM=00
  argv[7] = -DSAPMYNAME=p571vc06_BW3_00
  argv[8] = -DSAPPROFILE=/usr/sap/BW3/SYS/profile/BW3_DVEBMGS00_sapbw3
  argv[9] = -DFRFC_FALLBACK=ON
  argv[10] = -DFRFC_FALLBACK_HOST=localhost
  start_lazy = 0
  start_control = SAP J2EE startup framework

DpJ2eeStart: j2ee state = STARTED
DpJ2eeLogin: j2ee state = CONNECTED

Thu Sep 18 10:31:24 2008
DpJ2eeMsgProcess: j2ee state = CONNECTED (NIECONN_BROKEN)
DpIJ2eeShutdown: send SIGINT to SAP J2EE startup framework (pid=1126604)
DpIJ2eeShutdown: j2ee state = SHUTDOWN

Thu Sep 18 10:31:40 2008
DpEnvCheckJ2ee: switch off j2ee start flag

is " DpEnvCheckJ2ee: switch off j2ee start flag " realy a switch? and if yes, can we switch it on?


I had found some in the jvm_bootstrap.out

Bootstrap MODE: 
 determined by parameter [ID79134].
Exception occurred: Property [element.clusterID] not set in the properties file.
	at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)
	at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(
	at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(
	at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(
	at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(

[Bootstrap module]> Problem occurred while performing synchronization.

i'll fix it and post next time...

Edited by: Christian Fischer on Sep 18, 2008 1:52 PM

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