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cannot close sales order for third party sales

Hello Gurus,

I cant seem to close a third party sales order even after it has been delivered and the incoming reciept match the sales order as well as purchase requisition or purchase order. at first I thought it was the difference in the unit of measure b/w the delivered products and the ordered products, but that is not the case because even when they are still the same and the quantities match I still have an issue and when I run VA05 (list of sales order) the sales order for the third party sales still shows up. An example is sales order XXX / PO XYZ/ Inv XYY u2013 ordered 45,000, shipped 39,980), we resolve it with the following steps below

1. change the PO quantity to match the invoice quantity

2. the requisition then re-opened itself automatically.

3. I then changed the requisition and marked it closed.

4. I then could go to the sales order and change the order quantity to match the billed and invoiced quantity. The rejection code 52 did not work u2013 I received a hard error: PO XYZ must be deleted before the line item could be rejected.

This is a whole lot of steps to perform just to correct 1 backorder. The reason that it had to be corrected is that the sales order mfg line stays on the Billing Due list and does not clear it self out unless you perform the steps above.

Also like I said even when all the quantities are the same I still have this issue so is ther any thing I can do to resolve this issue in configuration or otherwise and also we are using the satndard item category "TAS" for third party sales.

I will appreciate you contribution and help to resolve this matter


Former Member
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