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Problem with creating specific area by using BDT

Hi Experts, i need some help plz,

I have finished all the steps in note690900. But, there are 2 problems:

1. I created a field called "PLU" (it has a matchcode), which must be displayed in a sub-screen (I create the sub-screen also) in TCODE REBDAO -> general data Now, the problem is that it is always display under both 'CHANGE' and 'DISPLAY' (That means, I can always modify the value of this field, but normally, we can't modify any value under 'DISPLAY') It is strange, I think the Filed Status must be modified, but I don't know how, do u have any idea for that?

2. In TCODE REBDPR, I need to add a new reference/index,(just like 'general data', 'building law and usage' u2026) so in TCODE RECACUST -> Usage View -> Property -> Dialog -> Screen Sequences -> Screen Sequences Category u2013 Screen, I copied the standard to 'Z*', and added the new reference/index, then in Screen Sequences Category - Screen Sequences, defined the 'Z*' be displayed as standard. But the problem is: in TCODE REBDPR, the screen always displays the version of standard but not my 'Z*', how can I let the transaction display my screen 'Z*'?




please try the following.


I assume you have set the field status according to the activities (display/change) for your field group.

Please check if the PBO and PAI modules are created as described in note 690900 and assigned to the field group.

note 690900:

c) Create a view for your fields by choosing 'Dialog -> Screen

Layout -> Views'. For this purpose, copy an existing entry, for

example REGC02. The name of the new view must begin with the

application, for example ZZZZ01 with the text 'Contract: File


In 'Application' field, enter the name of your application.

In the 'Subscreen' area, enter the program name (SAPLaaaaaa with

aaaaaa being the name of your function group) and the screen

number of the subscreen created before:

Program name: SAPLY_REGC_EXT

Screen number: 0901

In the 'Function module' area, enter the name of your PBO module

in field 'Before Output' (for example, ZZZZ_REGC_PBO_Z901), and

enter the name of your PAI module in the 'After Entry' field (for

example, ZZZZ_REGC_PAI_Z901). Leave the values of the remaining

fields for the view unchanged. NEVER use the function modules

from the standard view in your own screens. If you do so, a

program termination will occur because the subroutine to be

called is determined dynamically by the standard module.

Please assure that the function modules are created and assigned to the view you have created.

Please check also if the fields in your field group are assigned to the right table.


The right one is REBD_PROPERTY_CI, not CI_VIBDPR!

Please check also in your screen that your new fields have assigned the right structure (REBD_PROPERTY_CI) with dictionary reference!!


Please check your entries in Screen Sequences Category - Screen Sequences.

There should be both(!) entries the standard REBDPR and your Z* entry. Then you set the button 'standard' for your screen sequence and it should work. (I checked it in my system and at least there it worked)

Hope this helps.

Regards, Franz

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