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exposed names

hi kings,

i get the error message in crystal report for using the below i joined the oitm table in two times but its necessary so only i joined.when i am using the this query for crystal report its through the error"the objects'oitm' and 'oitm' in the from clause have the same exposed names.use correlation names to distinguish them.....

SELECT '42', "oign"."DocNum", "oign"."DocDate", "ign1"."ItemCode", "ign1"."Dscription" ItemName, "ign1"."Quantity" , Convert(numeric(20,2),"wor1"."u_pr"), Convert(numeric(20,2),("wor1"."u_pr"*"ign1"."quantity")), "ign1"."U_UBundletoKg", "oitm"."invntryuom", '', "oign"."WhsCode" FROM "OIGN" T0 INNER JOIN "IGN1" T1 ON "oign"."DocEntry "= "ign1"."DocEntry" inner join "OWOR" T2 on "ign1"."Baseentry" = "owor"."docentry" inner join "wor1" t4 on "owor"."docentry" = "wor1"."docentry" inner join "oitm" t3 on "wor1"."itemcode" = "oitm"."itemcode" left join "oitm" t5 on "ign1"."itemcode" = "oitm"."itemcode" WHERE "owor"."DocNum" = '[%0]' and "ign1"."trantype" = '' and "oitm"."invntitem" = 'N'

Thanks & best regards

Former Member
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