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gATP check issue for Automatic material reservations


In our SAP system, actual demand for a particular material will generally come from 2 different business lines. One from Projects (where actual demand is created in the form of Automatic Material Reservations are created upon creating a Project) and the other from Non Projects (through normal Sales orders).

We are facing a limitation to transfer these Automatic material reservations created off a project to SNP. So our current SNP has visibility to Forecasted demand (both from Project & Non Project history), but the actual demand from Project (which is in the form of Automatic Material Reservations) is NOT visible due to the above limitation.

Considering that the transfer of Automatic Material Reservation persists, we are looking into the effects this would have on gATP while checking & confirming the supply situation against the actual demand.

Ex: Suppose, there is a stock of 200 pcs ( in the form of receipts, safety stock, physical stock etc).

1. Initially, when a non Project SO is entered in the ECC system for 50 pcs, system checks in APO for the available supply and confirms the situation. Now there is committed stock of 50 and uncommitted stock of 150.

2. Further, a Project based reservation is created for 60 pcs. As this reservation is NOT visible in APO SNP, I am assuming that system might not commit the supplies to this demand (our expectation is to get the available supplies committed to this Project based demand, in someway or the other even though its not visible in SNP, but only in ECC) . Is this possible?

3. Further again, when a non Project SO is entered in the ECC system for 150 pcs, system checks in APO for the available supply.

Ideally system should have previously committed 110(50+60) and should commit only 90 pcs for this Non project based demand. However as system did not commit 60 from scenario 2, it will commit whole 150 pcs for scenario 3 demand , which shouldnu2019t be the case as practically there is a shortage of 60 pieces.

We are trying to avoid in our situation. Is there any alternative solution /configuration in gATP which would consider the a Project based reservation in ECC instead of looking for it in SNP, while confirming/comiitinga the supply in APO.

Manish, Sai were providing some insights into a similar kind of issue before. Guys, I would appreciate if you could provide me your insights on this issue too.


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