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passing data from calling page to popup window

Hi All,

We are developing a BSP application for business card.I need to provide a preview button .

when the user clicks this button a

poopup window should open with the preview of business card.

My problem is how to pass the values like name , designation etc from the main page to popup window.

The code for previre image:

<h t m l b : i m a g e   s r c = " s _ b _ d e  tl . g i f  " a l t = " P r e v i e w   C a r d "  o n C l i c k="addr" on C l i e n t C l i c k = " c a l l W i n d o w ( ) ; "/>

<s c r i p  t t y p e = " t e x t / j a v a s c r i p t ">
f u n c t i o n  c a l l W i n d o w ()
w i n d o w .o p e n ( " p r e v i e w . h t m " ) ;

</s c r i p t >

preview.htm is a simple HTML page . i need to pass values from main page to this page.


Is it possibel to restrict the size of a VIEW to use it as a popup window?


is there any other way to achieve this like.. the <bsp:call comp_id=" " />

tag , but i have no idea how to use it.



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create another bsp page called pop.htm with page attributes (auto checked) required.

and from main page call this using javascript method

and the url should be pop.htm?pageattr1=value&pattr2=val2......

and method has parameter to decide the size of the pop up window. search google for parameters.

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