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Corrupt folder in cFolders

Hello we have a folder in cFOlders that can't be opened, deleted, touched. We get "Technical error."

Is there any way to 'fix' corrupt folders?

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This is kind of trial code please run this for sample data..

then after successful run may be u can try for your problematic folder..

you can get the col_id topic_id and other things from the URL of the page or

by right clicking on the URL link and properties...

What i am doing in the code is using the existing COPY AND PASTE functionality in the cFolders

to copy the docs across folders...


DATA ls_clipboard_el TYPE cfx_ts_clipboard_element.
DATA doc TYPE REF TO if_cfx_common.
DATA str TYPE REF TO cl_cfx_structure.

DATA: lp_common_folder  TYPE REF TO cl_cfx_common_folder,
      lp_folder         TYPE REF TO cl_cfx_folder,
      lp_common_folder1 TYPE REF TO cl_cfx_common_folder,
      lp_folder1        TYPE REF TO cl_cfx_folder  .
DATA lp_col_app          TYPE REF TO cl_cfx_col_application.
DATA l_folder_str        TYPE        string.
DATA i_col_id TYPE string.
DATA i_area_id TYPE string.
DATA i_topic_id TYPE string.
DATA l_fol_id TYPE sysuuid_c.

lp_col_app       = cl_cfx_col_application=>get_instance( ).
*problematic folder ids
*i_topic_id = '43D8170097961F1CE10000000A4241A6'.
i_col_id  = '43CF788859C84303E10000000A4241A6'.
i_area_id = '43CF788959C84303E10000000A4241A6'.

CALL METHOD cl_cfx_context_ui=>initialize
           i_col_id              = i_col_id
           i_area_id             = i_area_id
           i_topic_id            = i_topic_id
*           I_DOC_ID              =
           i_object_type         = 'fol'
           e_fol_id              = l_folder_str.

l_fol_id = l_folder_str.

DATA: lp_col TYPE REF TO cl_cfx_collaboration,
      oref   TYPE REF TO cx_root .
lp_col = cl_cfx_collaboration=>initialize( i_col_id ).

    lp_common_folder = cl_cfx_folder=>get_folder_for_id( l_fol_id ).
    lp_folder ?= lp_common_folder.
    lp_folder->initialize_docs( ).

  CATCH cx_root INTO oref.


*lp_folder will have the docs that can be retrieved..from that problem folder

    DATA str_tab TYPE cfx_t_string.
    DATA lt_item      TYPE cfx_t_string.
    DATA ls_item      TYPE string.
    DATA lp_iterator TYPE REF TO cl_cfx_iterator.
    DATA lp_iterator_elem TYPE REF TO  if_cfx_iterator_element.
    DATA obj_type TYPE cfx_t_object_type.

    lp_iterator = lp_folder->get_document_list( ).
    CALL METHOD cl_cfx_common_document=>get_doc_ids
        ip_doc_list  = lp_iterator
        et_documents = str_tab.

    DATA count TYPE i.
    DATA str_wa TYPE string.

    count = lp_iterator->get_count( ).
    DO count TIMES.
      READ TABLE str_tab INDEX sy-index INTO str_wa.
      IF sy-index = 1.
        lp_iterator_elem = lp_iterator->get_first( ).
        lp_iterator_elem = lp_iterator->get_next( ).
      obj_type = lp_iterator_elem->get_object_type( ).
*    CONCATENATE 'fol' l_fol_id INTO ls_item SEPARATED BY space.

      CONCATENATE obj_type str_wa INTO ls_item SEPARATED BY space.

      APPEND ls_item TO lt_item.


*lt_item willl have the items that have to copied from in a structure..

    CALL METHOD cl_cfx_fol_ui=>copy_selected
        it_item   = lt_item
        i_col_id  = i_col_id
*          IMPORTING
*            e_msg_txt = p_msg_txt.

* Destination folder
    i_col_id  = '43D816F897961F1CE10000000A4241A6'.
    i_area_id = '43D816F997961F1CE10000000A4241A6'.
    i_topic_id = '43DF3B1D362571C7E10000000A4241A6'.
    CALL METHOD cl_cfx_fol_ui=>insert
        i_col_id              = i_col_id
        i_area_id             = i_area_id
        i_topic_id            = i_topic_id
        i_role                 = ''
*    E_MSG_TXT              =

  CATCH cx_root INTO oref.


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