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Underproducing on process orders for HALBs - PPDS

HI -

I have the following scenario and would appreciate if somebody can help me out.

I have a FG A which has input components B and C. For making 10 pieces of A, I need 20 pieces of B and 20 pieces of C. I run product heuristic to create a planned order for A for a quantity of 10 and a dependent demand of 20 is generated for both B and C.I run the standard lot heuristic at the component level to generate planned orders of quantity 20 for both B and C.

All the orders are now converted to process orders and released for production. The production of this order of 10 for A can happen over 2(or multiple) days even though B is produced on day 1.

During production, we realize that we can make only 16 pieces of B (instead of 20) due to some problem.

So we make 16 pieces of B on day 1 and the order is closed(TECO). And in effect only 8 pieces of A can be produced on day 2.

So the problem is that since the FG A process order quantity still says 10, When our nightly heuristic job runs(multi-level MRP heuristic), system rightly thinks we are short by qty 4 on B and then creates a new planned order (for 4 if its lot for lot or fixed qty is its fixed-lot) outside of the planning time fence. This is not desirable as it messes up reporting etc and also gives an inaccurate representation.

One option which I see is keep the order for B open ( not do a TECO) till the order for A is closed(TECO'd). This process is very cumbersome and difficult to track.

Another option, changing the order quantity of A ( to 8 in this case) is also a pain as manufacturing folks have to manually calculate the new order qty for A based on what was produced for B.

BAsically, I am looking for a way to stop the system from creating these new planned orders for B.

Would appreciate it if someone can help me figure out the best possible way.



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