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Dropdown box with WAD 3.x


I work with the WAD 3.x. And have the following problem:

On the WAD There is a dropdown box with the value of 0CALMONTH.

When I select a value I want two actions:

- To change a quer y on the same WAD.

- Build an url so i can open a second WAD with the selection of the dropdown box.

Both things can work, but not together.

The first point works as a default WAD dropdown box with the value of 0CALMONTH. The selection of the dropdown box is affected to the dataproviders(option of the dropdown box) to change the query.

For the second i use a HTML Form to capture the selected value:

<form name="frmState">   Kalenderjaar/maand
<select name="calmonth" class="SAPBexDdl" on change="window.location.href=SAP_BW_URL_Get() + '&datum=' + options[selectedIndex].value";>

         <param name="OWNER" value="SAP_BW"/>
         <param name="CMD" value="GET_ITEM"/>
         <param name="NAME" value="DROPDOWNBOX_1"/>
         <param name="ITEM_CLASS" value="CL_RSR_WWW_ITEM_FILTER_DDOWN"/>
         <param name="DATA_PROVIDER" value="DATAPROVIDER_21"/>
         <param name="GENERATE_CAPTION" value=""/>
         <param name="IOBJNM" value="0CALMONTH"/>
         <param name="BOOKED_VALUES" value=""/>
         <param name="SHOW_LABEL" value=""/>
         <param name="ONLY_VALUES" value="X"/>
         <param name="NO_REMOVE_FILTER" value="X"/>
         <param name="TARGET_DATA_PROVIDER_1" value="DATAPROVIDER_2"/>
         ITEM:            DROPDOWNBOX_1

But here

 <param name="TARGET_DATA_PROVIDER_1" value="DATAPROVIDER_2"/>  

Doesnu2019t work to change the value of the query on the same WAD>

Someone an Idea how to combinate this to selections?

Kind regards,

Harrie Lohuis

Former Member
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