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help to modify the Release procedure without disturbing the existing class

Hi All,

We have a requirement to modify the existing workflow approval procedure for PR and PO to include a case, where the PO amount is less than certain value (say 100 EUR) and the material group is equal to certain value, then we need to include the approval levels L2 (defined for PR) and X2 (defined for PO).

Taking the case for PO`s, please note the following information,

Existing release Strategies & release Levels for PO are

51 Level X4

52 Level X4 + X3

53 Level X4 + X3 + X2

54 Level X4 + X3 + X2 +X1

Characteristics used

Total Net order Value

Purchasing organization

Order Type

Purchasing Group

Example : If the PO triggering a Release strategy 51 and if the conditions PO Value and Material Group satisfied then in addition to X4 system should send the PO Approval to X2 also. Similarly if the Po triggering the Release strategy 52 then in addition to X4 + X3, approval from X2 also required (provided if the condition satisfies).

Solutions tried

1) We can achieve the requirement by adding a dummy variable in the Characteristics and defining the new release strategy 55 with Level X4 + X2 and using the User Exit EXIT_SAPLEBND_002 .But we donu2019t want to touch the Characteristics and class because this is used by other companies also.

2) Also we can add a characteristic Material group with value equal to the required value and define 2 new release strategies 55 with Level X4 + X2 and 56 with Level X4+ X3 +X2.For all the other release strategies we can maintain the material group value as blank. Since the characteristics used by many companies we donu2019t want this option also.

Request your valuable suggestion to meet the above requirement, without disturbing the existing characteristics and Classes, would be highly appreciable.

Former Member
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