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Impossible to set my adobe forms as enable in WD4A

Hi all,

I define an adobe forms which can be used in off-line scenario ( by e-mail ) and on-line by WD4A.

By e-mail there's no problem my forms is enabled and user can modify the content.

IN WD4A , if i set the forms in the UI Elements as enabled then it's not display but if i set it as not enabled it's display.

Does anybody can help me ?

My forms is a ZCI one , i work on ECC 6.0 SP 14 on Abap Stack and SP12 on Java Stack .


Edited by: Bertrand DESSERTENNE on Sep 2, 2008 9:15 PM

I'll debug my WD4A application, and in class CL_WD_ADOBE_SERVICES method DETERMINE_DOCPARAM codes forbidden to use Adobe forms as interactive in WD4A if it's based on SAP DDIC ...Somebody can tell me why ?

Edited by: Bertrand DESSERTENNE on Sep 9, 2008 5:19 PM

Hi all,

I'm still working on this problem , after lot of time spend on this i'm able to display my forms as interactive in a WD4A without using an XML Based interface .

Now i got another problem, in standard class CL_WD_ADOBE_SERVICES method Update_pdf is call and in the code i do'nt understand this test :

* do additional things for the DDIC interface type
  if m_interface_type = if_fp_interface=>c_interface_type_new and
     i_fillable = abap_true.
*   possibly, the data xml needs to be resend to the ADS
*   three cases:
*   (1) there are child nodes => fixed for print forms, no reason for them
*   (2) there are dropdowns
*   (3) needs to be sent anyway due to hide_toolbar

*   first, lets find out if there are dropdowns
*   <todo> cache this information!

*   update the data as necessary
    lr_data_source_info = i_data_source->get_node_info( ).
    if execute_ads_call = abap_true or
       lr_data_source_info->get_child_nodes( ) is not initial or
       "vhlist_xml <> '<sap-vhlist></sap-vhlist>'.
       1 = 1.

Can somebody tell me why there is the test 1=1 .....

With this test i lost all my data on the form , if in debug i make the result of this test false everything is ok on my form.

Best regards

Former Member
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